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Got My Versace Cruise For H&M Fashion Today

Friday, 27th January, 2012

Today was the day when I got my Versace Cruise for H&M products! As I have already mentioned I completely forgot about this being released, I must of been asleep or something 😀 but luckily I was able to get lots of great things, probably most that I want out of the collection, apart from the dressing gown 🙁 I have seen a few images of it and it looks amazing! I would buy it if it comes available, it might, so watch this space 😉

Anyway for the things I DID get, which were a t-shirt, pair of jeans and a cardigan, here they are…

Really nice T Shirt, strechy cotton and feels nice, although I have not tried it yet, I fear it may be a bit translucent 😛

Silk blend cardigan, which is really nice and is in blue, one of the only colours I have not got in a cardigan, but I have now! :mrgreen: I love my cardigans so this will get plenty of wear.

The most impressive things I got from this collection were these jeans. At only £40 this are amazing quality! I really like the fit, they feel really good and are well designed, I love the thick chunky buttons which make them feel really tough but are in fact really soft.


How much was all of the above? Under £100! It is little wonder this stuff is usually sold out on the first day!

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