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Google Pixel 4A Announced

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Monday, 3rd August, 2020

The Google Pixel 4A has finally been announced today by Google. It’s the latest smartphone in it’s lineup, and packs power at an affordable price.

Here’s everything you need to know.

It could be a big year for mid range smartphones, with plenty of manufacturers offering up some great handsets, and Google has their latest with the Google Pixel 4A.

This comes after the 3A last year, and are cut down versions of Google’s flagship Pixel line up.

It comes in at a really good price too: The Google Pixel 4A costs £349 in the UK.

What do you get for that money?

Google 4A Specs

  • 5.81″ screen
  • 3140mAh2 battery
  • Snapdragon 730 processor
  • 128GB Storage
  • 6GB RAM
  • Single 12.2MP Dual Pixel Rear Camera
  • Single 8MP Front Camera
  • 18W Charger With Fast Charging
  • Stereo Speakers & 2 Mics
  • USB-C, Power Button, Volume Buttons & a 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Android 10

On paper, the specs look really good for the money, you can’t complain for the money.

In terms of design the phone looks the part too. It comes in matte black (“Just Black”) and looks really sleek. The camera module on the rear looks quite large, as if it could fit another lens in, however there is only one camera and flash on the rear of the phone.

Speaking of the camera, Google Pixel’s cameras are known to be among the best in class for photography. The night sight feature for taking the best possible photos in low light is in the phone, as well as portrait mode and astrophotography for taking pics of the stars too.

The Fruity Competitors

Apple has already released their phone this year, the iPhone SE which I actually bought. This comes in at £419, so is £70 more expensive than the Pixel 4A. The Pixel 4A also comes with 128GB storage, so the comparable iPhone is £469, a massive £120 more expensive.

Another phone which has caught my eye has been the Oneplus Nord, which is released tomorrow, so Google has kind of beat them to the punch – Although the Pixel 4A was just announced, with the Nord being available to buy from tomorrow.

If you are looking for a mid range smartphone and want an android device, the Pixel 4A should be considered. Once again Google puts power in your pocket at a reasonable price.

You can check out the 4A on the Google site here.

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