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Film Night – The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard

Sunday, 7th July, 2019

Hey guys, I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far!

For my latest film night, I wanted to watch something light and funny, but after looking around Amazon Prime, I couldn’t find something which I liked and wanted to watch, which I hadn’t seen before. I haven’t bought any Blu Rays/DVDs for ages, so looked to see what I had. I found The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard which I haven’t seen in so long, so decided to watch that.

If you’ve never seen it, it’s a comedy film which surrounds a used car lot, and was released around 2009, so it’s not a new film. It’s not doing too well, and the owner is thinking about selling it. He decides to give it one last shot, and brings in an outsider who’s known for getting results, Don Ready.

It’s a nice family friendly place with staff which aren’t too great at at selling, so it’s up to Don Ready to turn them around, along with his team. There is Jibby, Brent and Babs, and they have 211 cars to sell over the 4th July weekend. Don and his team create some promotions to get things moving along, including hot dog giveaways, and saying that the popular owner, Ben, has cancer. When that doesn’t work and there’s a riot, he offers the police discount which goes down well.

There’s more to the plot than the car selling. Don also takes a shine to the owners daughter, Ivy, who is engaged to Paxton, who’s a member of a boyband despite being rather old, and who’s dad owns a rival dealership. There’s also a young man who works at the car lot who’s dad walked out on him, who Don thinks is his son.

No more spoilers…Watch the film! 😀

Overall I really do like this film. The cast is really good. Don Ready is played by Jeremy Piven who I really like as a comedy actor, he played Ari Gold in Entourage which was one of my favourite ever TV shows, so I do like this kind of character he plays, and I think does it well. Ving Rhames is also good in it, as is James Brolin and Kathryn Hahn, with Rob Riggle playing the son of the car lot owner who’s a 10 year old boy in a man’s body.

Ed Helms is also very good, who plays Paxton, and there’s a small roll for Ken Jeong, with Chris Robinson playing the DJ and also Will Ferrell making a cameo appearance.

It’s a really good film if you want something very light and easy to watch, which doesn’t take itself too seriously and has plenty of jokes throughout the film.

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