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Thursday, 23rd June, 2016


I got myself some funny emoji cushions!

The emoji has taken over the world…We all love them, and we all have favourites. One I use the most, and what I see the most is the crying with laughter emoji, and I do like the little bit flirty kiss and wink emoji too, as well as the hearts for eyes emoji. When I was in Madrid I saw these in the shop window of Ale Hop, so I had to get myself two of my favourite smiley faces. I could not see the wink kiss one, but I got these two which I think are really funny and just a bit of a laugh.

They were only €7 each, and definitely the most random thing I have ever bought when I’ve been abroad! They are really soft and plush, and feel like good quality. A real bargain for something just for a laugh. I’ve never seen them in the UK, but I’ve never actually looked for them. Since I got back I’ve had a search and there’s a couple of places which have them, all more expensive and look bad quality, so I am happy I got the ones I did 🙂


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