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The Dolly Parton Challenge – Photos On LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Tinder

Monday, 3rd February, 2020

Dolly Parton Challenge Linkedin Facebook Instagram Tinder - Best Footwear

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps not on social media and especially Instagram, you’ll not have missed what’s being called the Dolly Parton Challenge.

If you don’t know, it’s where people upload 4 different photos which are suited best to their profiles on the different social networks. This has been named the Dolly Parton Challenge as she was the first, or one of the first’s to do this, or at least the one who got it to trend.

The idea is a simple one: Everyone who has a profile on these social networks uses different pictures to showcase themselves. How you see the social network is down to you, but there’s a few stereotypes which fit well.

LinkedIn is all about business and being professional. Facebook is more known for friends and family. Instagram has gained more of a reputation for showing off. Then there’s Tinder, the dating app.

I took a while to decide if I would hop on to this trend, usually I don’t because they’re old and boring in no time at all. But I decided I would, and I took a slightly different approach as I posted these up on my Instagram.

I decided to show off two things: Footwear and Fragrances. I think that this was cool and funny, because the footwear does have a different personality and uses, as does fragrances.

This is what I went for.

Dolly Parton Challenge Linkedin Facebook Instagram Tinder - Best Fragrances

LinkedIn is all about business, so I want for my black derby shoes from Kurt Geiger. I teamed them with Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. I always think that this is a very professional fragrance, not strong and makes a good impression.

Facebook is all about friends and family, so I made this a more casual choice. For the footwear I went for my Adidas Stan Smith trainers. Clean cut, and work well in most smart casual and casual settings.

When it comes to the scent, I went for Bleu De Chanel. It’s a nice and friendly scent, been around for a long time and dependable.

Instagram is stereotyped as about showing off, with filters, posting only the best shots of your life, and those travel photos. For this I had to go with my Air Max 2 Atmos trainers, the most stand out trainers I’ve ever owned.

The scent was a harder one to choose, but I went for Dior Sauvage. It’s a really nice and inviting fragrance, has a really nice bottle, and it’s a well known designer brand which has a lot of love.

The last picture is all about Tinder. It’s the dating app, but you know that! It’s all about showing yourself in the best possible dating light, so it’s time to up the game in the photos.

For my shoes I had to choose the best shoes I own, my Loake 1881 oxfords. They are really smart, and since girls notice shoes a lot, it’s critical to wear a good pair which are clean.

When it comes to the fragrance there was only one winner, right? I could have chosen a few I personally love, but the most notoriously loved niche high end fragrance is Creed Aventus.

So I made the Dolly Parton Instagram challenge my own, and used fashion and fragrances as my inspiration. I found it quite fun to pick out some pieces which I thought suited each social network best.

What did you think of the trend, and also my choices? Let me know 🙂

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