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The Coolest Men’s Clothing Brands & Latest Trends You Need To Know (Autumn 2019)

Mens Fashion Trends
Monday, 28th October, 2019

Keeping up with what’s on trend, what’s on style, and what fashion brands are cool and what’s yesterday’s news can be a challenge.

Lucky for you, you’ve landed on Michael 84, the men’s fashion blog which is on the cutting edge of style trends, right? 😉

Here’s where you’ll find the latest men’s fashion trends and the coolest menswear right now. If you’re in the market for buying clothes and you just don’t know where to start, you’ll find everything you need to know right here.

This will be a regularly updated list of the hottest trends, best fashion brands and the pieces of clothing which has been making waves in the real world.

If you want to dress better, I recommend that you read my style guide. But if you’re just looking for labels and want to know what hot and popular right now, this is where you’ll find what’s the trendiest clothing you can wear.

If you live for the hype, these are the key pieces you should be wearing right now.

Autumn / Winter 2019

Luxury Streetwear Brands

Luxury Streetwear is all about cool casual pieces which are relaxed and laid back. The dress code is casual, verging on smart casual, and is about showing off the label, rather than timeless pieces.

Luxury streetwear is expensive, with dedicated brands, as well as high end fashion brands who’ve adopted to the people who are into the style.

Balenciaga Mode T Shirt

Balenciaga is a brand which has developed itself into a streetwear’s dream. This comes from it’s ready to wear pieces, including T-Shirts and sweats, as well as footwear. The Balenciaga Speed trainers were one of the hottest properties last year, and this year the brand is still hot.

The Balenciaga Mode T Shirt is a design which has been seen on many guys. The black tee comes with the branding to the front, which is easy to recognise.


Fendi Eyes T Shirt

The Fendi Bug Eye T Shirt, or Eyes T Shirt as I’ll call it has plenty of love from the public and celebrities alike. It’s a design which has been seen a fair bit in recent months, and is from the AW19 collection.

The eye holes come with a metallic embellishment, with the yellow being applique on the front of the shirt.


Gucci Washed Logo T Shirt

The Gucci washed logo T Shirt has been around for a year or so, but is still popular this season. The logo is on the front with the Gucci wording, and is represented by it’s trademark colours which are red and green.

It’s been copied by the fast fashion brands a lot over the past several months, a testament to how popular the original Gucci is.


VLTN T Shirt By Valentino

You will have seen the VLTN T Shirt around for a while now, and it’s a simple enough design. It’s been popular for several months now, and is current. If you want to get on to this while it’s still around, you can still grab yourself a tee.


Off-White Acrylic Arrows Sweat

Virgil Abloh’s Off-White continues to be the darling of the street wear scene, with plenty of pieces being sought after and popular. Get some layers for the Autumn/Winter season in this grey sweat. Brand new for the season with small branding to the front, and box arrow design to the back.


High Street Brands

High street brands are always popular because of their price and accessibility. The affordable pieces are easy to find and buy, and not too tough on the wallet. With an always changing high street, it’s important to know which brands are hot and not right now.

Here’s what’s popular from the menswear high street labels right now.

Tommy Jeans Flag Sweatshirt In White

Tommy Hilfiger teases us bringing the Tommy Jeans Flag designs back and then they sell out almost immediately. They are now back, and there’s still time to grab yourself one of the sweatshirts.

Based on the retro 90’s design, the iconic logo looks as good today as it did then.


Polo Sport T Shirt

Get some 90’s trends in the Polo Sport T Shirt. Ralph Lauren has resurrected it’s POLO Sport line, bringing back some key pieces from one of the best decades in it’s history. This iconic T Shirt is hot right now, and has a nostalgic feel.


Affordable High Street Menswear

Fast fashion and affordable clothing is always going to be popular because of it’s low price point. If you’re looking to bolster your wardrobe or want essential pieces, these are the best you’ll find.

H&M Wool Blend Camel Coat

You don’t need to spend a fortune to join the camel coat trend, H&M have a few options, including this one. Layer this one with your favourite easy to wear pieces, and smarten up your look this season.


Those are the coolest menswear fashion items you can buy right now. If you want the latest and greatest and look on trend, incorporating one or more of these items of clothing is the way to go.

This list will be updated whenever something new drops, so if you’re looking for the hottest trends right now, keep checking back. You can check up on the trends of the season, if you’re looking for a particular style rather than key pieces.

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