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Bowling, Pool & Drinks

Sunday, 26th July, 2015


Howdy! πŸ™‚

So yesterday we went out, had a few games of bowling, pool and then ended up going for a few drinks in the town. I never go bowling, you can count how many times I’ve been bowling in my adult life on one hand :mrgreen: We got 2 games & 2 drinks for Β£10, you can’t really argue with that!Β I have a great technique which is the “minimal looking effort” technique…No run up at all, just bowl the ball as accurate as I can. It sort of works, and in the first game on the very first ball I got a strike! That’s why I took this photo, it did not get much better. The 2nd game we had a few more people, and I wasn’t last, which was pretty surprising. (I am “X”, my friend entered my name as Xavi since I love Spain so much πŸ˜‰ )

When we went to the town we played some pool first which is more my game, then had a few drinks at a couple of bars. We went to Harry’s, Browns, Revolution and Metropolis, and ended up in Cosy Joes which is bizarrely where we’ve been a few times now as a last bar. There was no plan to stay out, but once we get to the town we inevitably end up staying out πŸ˜›



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