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Adidas x Palace x Juventus 4th Kit Collaboration – Every Piece From The Collection

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Sunday, 10th November, 2019

A couple of days ago we saw the release of the Adidas x Palace x Juventus collaboration, for the limited edition Juventus 4th kit. The collection featured football kits including shirts, shorts and socks, along with some training and warm up gear.

The collection only went on sale on 8th November, and it has already sold out.

Here’s a closer look at some of the pieces from the collection.

This is the official 4th kit, although we can see that the black and white stripes are of course synonymous with Juventus. Their home shirts this season have been black and white halves, so it’s good to see some black and white stripes.

It’s essentially a home kit with some street wear vibes thrown in, courtesy of Palace. The stripes come with a pattern in them, rather than being a solid colour. The accents and trim have also been modified, with the logos taking on a neon green colour.

When it comes to the goalkeeper shirts, there’s actually two, basically making this the 4th and 5th goalkeeper shirt. The first is an orange peach kind of colour, with a gradient kind of fade into yellow on the top of the arms. It’s finished off with black logos and the black Adidas three stripes.

The alternative is green, with a similar faded gradient pattern, this time coming right in the centre which is yellow. Once again it’s finished off with black detailing.

Both the goalie shirts come with matching shorts and socks.

If you could grab a hold of their of these, they are priced at £129 from Adidas, Palace and the Juventus shop, either online or in store.

There are two tracksuit tops, one being white and the other black. They come with matching T-shirts, which have the same pattern on the front.

The white options come with neon green and black detailing, with the black being a black and white colour.

There’s also track bottoms to go with the track tops, along with long sleeve tops. These match perfectly with the T-shirts and jackets, coming in black and white. Once again the white is trimmed with neon green and black, and the black options being detailed with white.

The long sleeve tops come with the Adidas and Palace branding to the front, and the Juventus logo being placed on the sleeve.

I really like the designer collaborations we’ve seen here and with a couple of other kits. I hope in the future that we see more. The price is usually high and the availability is rare, but if you’re really into football kits, they’re worth getting.

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