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We’re Living In Strange Times Right Now – Social Distancing, Lockdowns & Everything Else

Friday, 27th March, 2020

Day 20

Hey guys! I am still here!

How are you? I hope you are all well, fit and healthy and getting through this strange time the entire world is living in right now.

I don’t need to state the obvious, we’re living in coronavirus times. Life has change for us all, and who knows how long for. I have been social distancing for 20 days now, with things getting seemingly more and more serious as the days go by.

People are becoming ill and dying all over the world, it’s crazy and sad. I’ve been watching the scenes and hearing the stories from places like Spain and Italy, and it’s heartbreaking. The fear is that the worst is still to come for the UK, and cases are still rising elsewhere too.

These days I only venture out and about for my daily walk, something I’ve done for a long time now since I can’t run with my bad foot. But I’ve even stopped doing that so often, as we’re getting locked down more and more.

Staying home and staying safe is the most important thing.

It kind of feels weird posting ‘normal’ content at times like this. I have a lot of style guides and fragrance reviews which I think I will just put on hold. I have a Spring fashion guide which I might post up next week, and maybe some “stay home” related content too. (Check out my binge worthy TV Box Sets if you’re bored!)

These days I use the blog for most of my ‘big’ features and smaller stuff on social media such as Instagram, so I’ll probably post a few things on the grid and stories (you can follow me here).

Until then stay safe and stay at home 🙂

p.s. I have changed my logo on the blog, if you hadn’t noticed.

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