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The Last Of Us TV Series On Sky Atlantic – What A Show!

Thursday, 9th February, 2023

The Last Of Us TV Series

Photograph by Liane Hentscher/HBO

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching The Last Of Us on Sky Atlantic. It’s brilliant!

The TV show which is based on the computer game of the same name started a few weeks back and I’ve been waiting to tune in each and every week to find out what’s happened.

There’ll be no spoilers here, but this is what it’s all about if you want to give it a try.

It’s a post-apocalyptic drama staring Pedro Pascal who plays Joel and Bella Ramsey who plays Ellie, and as mentioned is an adaptation of The Last Of Us PlayStation game, one of the most successful of it’s generation.

I’ve never played the game, so I was worried about not really being able to follow the TV show, but there’s no need to have played the game at all.

The Last Of Us is set in 2023, but 20 years into what was a global pandemic caused by a fungal infection. Those infected turn into zombie like creatures who spread the infection further by biting those who are uninfected.

Society has collapsed and is almost over, with a few quarantined zones of uninfected which is ran by the Federal Disaster Response Agency (FEDRA). There’s a resistance group called the Fireflies, as well as some other survivalists and settlements.

There is so much to the storyline, with backstories of characters playing a large part in the show. The main story see’s Joel tasked with getting Ellie from one side of the country to the other, while he’s trying to get to his brother Tommy, an ex-firefly too.

Ellie could be the key to getting a vaccine for the infection, as she has been bitten but is immune from the infection.

Joel is a smuggler, and we see his girlfriend Tess in the first few episodes, as well as going back 10 years in the past to 2013 getting a glimpse of how his life was back then.

There are other key characters who play a role too, such as Bill and Frank, survivalists, and Marlene the Fireflies leader.

There is too much going on to fit it all in a blog post, and since I won’t be writing spoilers, you’ll have to watch it!

So far there has been 4 episodes shown, and it’s really good viewing. The episodes are on different lengths, with most around the 1 hour mark, but episode 3 being around 90 minutes.

The series has 9 episodes in total, and a second season has already been announced.

If you’re looking for a series to watch on Sky Atlantic, this is definitely up there.

You can see it every Monday on Sky Atlantic at 9PM.

Main Image Photograph by Liane Hentscher/HBO (Via HBO Press Site)

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