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Renford Rejects x Football Manager 2013

Saturday, 30th March, 2013

So I saw that the Renford Rejects was on TV again 😀 Not a new series, but the old ones. It got me to thinking it would be fun to edit Football Manager 2013 and put them in the game, just for fun.

It was actually quite a bit of work. I tried to make it as “real” as possible, for example using the real DOB of the actors when I could find them (not the year because the show is 13 years old! 😛 ), where they were born etc.

Making the team was also a challenge, since the Renford Rejects was a 5 a side team and proper football is 11 a side. I used the cast from all the series, but that was still only 10 people. A lot of the players can play in a variety of position, just in case of injury etc. The idea is to play with as many (if not all) the Rejects as possible. There will be a few fictional players in the squad to make up the numbers.

I have Pricilla as the Chairwoman, Eddie McAvoy as the Assistant Manager. Even Leo (Rhino from Gladiators) is in there, as fitness coach 😀 The Rejects also get income from VTV (Vinnie Rodriguez TV aka Renford Sportview), Supra Drain and Graceland Cafe. The stadium is the Willesden Sports Centre, where the actual filming took place (allegedly).

Of course the Razors are in there, with player manager Basil Stoker, son Terry Stoker and Razor #1 aka James Corden.

Some other features:

  • The Rejects and Razors are in the Blue Square Bet South League
  • All members of the Rejects are included, Vinnie Rodriguez is also a player
  • Vinnie is a member of VTV, part of the media as well as Jim Rosenthal
  • Bruno Di Gradi is English and Italian; He has a preference to play for Italy
  • Characters/Actors real DOB and Place of birth have been added if known
  • Players have likes and dislikes; e.g. Bruno’s idol is Zola, supports Juventus; Stewart Jackson likes Chelsea etc.
  • There is a rivalery between the Razors and Rejects clubs and their players
  • All players have photos
  • Tried giving them some realistic attributes and stats
  • Tried to balance out the team in regards to the positions
  • Probably lots more I forgot! 😀

What do you think? I think it’s cool haha :mrgreen: It did actually take quite a while to do, and I have been playing it and it’s fun. The whole idea of this was to have fun, I know that a lot of people are serious FM gamers (me too) but sometimes I just wanna have a little fun with Football Manager, and this is what I have done here.

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