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The Most Stylish Football Pundits & Commentators On TV

Monday, 16th August, 2021

Football and fashion doesn’t usually go hand in hand. It used to be when you put on the TV to watch football, you were greeted by guys in very bad or loud suits. Those days are behind us, and good personal style has taken over.

Whether it’s Match Of The Day, Super Sunday, Monday Night Football or even Football Focus, the lads are always looking sharp. These are the most stylish football pundits and commentators that are on TV at the moment.

SKY Sports Pundits

When it comes to Super Sunday, what the guys are wearing can sometimes be more of a talking point than the pre-match build up, and for all the right reasons. There’s usually 3 or 4 guys in the studio, and although they may all be wearing suits, it’s the small touches they add which makes them their personal style.

In the summer the pundits at Sky Sports have been taking a more relaxed approach, wearing t-shirts with blazers or suit jackets, and fashionable trainers which are smart.

Micah Richards

MR Happy, always smiling and laughing, how can you not like Micah Richards. His style is always good too. Smart winter coats, sleek shirts smart casual wear and suits. You can see him in his wears on both SKY and BBC Sport.

Jamie Redknapp

If you’re from my generation, Liverpool, football and fashion only means two things: The Spiceboys, and those cream suits. However those were the good old days, which Jamie Redknapp has left behind.

He’s now seen sporting well fitted suits, both two and three-piece suits, and is always looking dapper. Sometimes he can be seen in the clothing label Redknapp part owns, Sandbanks.

Gary Neville

Gary Neville is usually sporting the classic look, with two piece suit and tie. This is more often than not a navy blue suit with a white shirt.

Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher is another who opts for the classic look of a two piece suit which tend to be navy or dark grey. He’s usually seen sporting a plain tie, with a white shirt.

Graeme Souness

He might be the elder statesman, but Graeme Souness is often showing the younger lads how it’s done. His suits are accompanied with a pocket square, and I’ve noticed him wearing a Louis Vuitton tie too.

Roy Keane

Not known for his dressing sense, Roy Keane does scrub up well. Whether he’s on SKY or ITV Roy Keane always looks the part. He mixes it up with his suit colours, and isn’t shy of wearing a contemporary patterned tie.

ITV & BBC Football Pundits

BBC and ITV also have their football pundits and presenters dressed to impress. Whether it’s Match Of The Day, MOTD2 or England international games that are on ITV, the pundits always make sure they’re looking stylish.

BBC and ITV both appear to have a more relaxed dress code for their football guys. They’re often seen in more smart casual clothing, as you’ll see below.

Gary Lineker

Other than when Gary Lineker presented Match Of The Day in only his shorts, as he said he would if Leicester won the league, he’s usually seen in a simple but elegant shirt and trousers combination. However he’s no stranger to a suit, and does wear these during some live games when the FA Cup is on BBC.

Alan Shearer

Usually seen in a button-up shirt with the top button undone, Shearer is another that goes for a smart casual look, sometimes wearing a knit over his shirt. It must get cold in those studios!

Ian Wright

Ian Wright is another which opts for smart casual, often seen on MOTD in a knit or sweat, but I want to talk about his shirts. When he did the World Cup coverage for ITV in 2018, he wore an array of shirts that only Wrighty can pull off. He’s always been one for fashion, and it shows.

Jermaine Jenas

When he’s on MOTDx, Jermaine Jenas opts for a more edgy casual style. He’s not a stranger to luxury and streetwear brands, sporting pieces from Louis Vuitton and Off White.

Danny Murphy

The man who brought the long sleeve polo to football punditry, that’s what I think when I think of Danny Murphy. He’s occasionally seen in shirts, sometimes with a pull over knit, and isn’t a stranger to a cardigan.

Martin Keown

Martin Keown goes for smart casual most of the time, whichever program he’s on. That could be a shirt and trousers, a suit jacket or just a simple but stylish knit.

John Motson

I haven’t forgot about the legend, if there was a hall of fame, John Motson would be in it. Motty is perhaps the only one on the list known for a particular piece, his trademark sheepskin coat which he wore for years during football’s winter season.

You’ll not want to emulate his style, not for style reasons, but a good shearling coat like his will set you back several hundred, or even into the thousands of pounds.

And there you have it, the best dressed football pundits. I love the smart, sharp and contemporary look that football’s personalities have these days, it seems a long way a way to where we were in the crazy 90’s.

Sadly we lost Motty in 2023, but his legend will forever live on and is forever known for his commentary and trademark wears.

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