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I Got A New Monitor! An LG Infinity IPS Display

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Friday, 29th December, 2017

I got a new monitor! So the story goes like this…

I have needed a new monitor for around a year. You’ve probably seen my set up, and I run 2 monitors side by side which I’ve done for years, and now can’t live without. Last year one of my monitors kind of broke; It still worked but it took a lifetime to ‘warm up’, actually around 15 minutes, and it was pretty unusable until it did. But since it wasn’t completely broken, I just painfully lived with it for the past year, knowing I wanted to get a new one, but not knowing which one I wanted.

**Geek Alert** I am a computer and tech geek, so I check every detail about a million times. I saw this LG monitor with an Infinity display which uses an IPS panel. They’re good for graphic design and photography, but it’s said that they aren’t too great for gaming, because the response rate is not as high as an older panel, so I was in a dilemma. I wanted more of an all rounder, even though I don’t really play games with a high response rate, but I do watch things like videos or YouTube, and didn’t want that horrible ghosting you can get when the screen goes from black to black.

I had been looking at a Samsung for a while, but my last one was a Samsung and broke (my 2nd monitor is also Samsung which is older than the one which broke, and is still going strong!) and was debating on getting that, but I finally, finally just went for this LG, because I just love the look of it, and it has a brilliant IPS panel which is so bright and colourful. If you’re wondering the exact model, it’s the 24mp88hv.


I love the design, the almost bezel-less frame is just incredible and I don’t think there’s a monitor like it. It’s 24″ which is the perfect size, and it’s a HD 1080p monitor. The stand is a stylish curved style, but I have to be honest, as much as it looks nice, it does seem to take up a hell of a lot of room.

No 4K – Not Yet Anyway

You might be thinking, “Why didn’t you buy a 4K” and I thought about it, and it was probably another reason why it’s taken me so long to buy this. I have used a 4K display on a PC before, and as much as it looks good, it’s not practical. For smaller screens you have to use Windows and “scale up” the display for the text etc. Which works with varying degrees of success; Some things look fine, and some do look scaled up and lose quality. Media will look brilliant, but for actual usage for practical programs and work stuff, I don’t think it’s going to be good. Maybe when I replace my 2nd display, I’ll get a 4K one and use it only for media, but for now I wanted just a really good HD monitor.

There wasn’t much information or reviews on this monitor when I was looking at it, it doesn’t seem to be a big seller in the UK or EU, but I can honestly say that it’s been brilliant so far.

p.s. Sorry for the bad photo, I’ll try to take better ones soon! 😉

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