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Four More Shots Please! Review – Season 1 & 2 On Amazon Prime

Sunday, 10th March, 2019

I found myself a new show on Amazon Prime… Four More Shots Please!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a film or TV show, I love watching coming of age style of films which is all about friends living live and having a good time.

My favourite from Amazon was Red Oaks, a brilliant show, and there’s been plenty more.

It’s kind of hard to say what this is like, I guess it’s kind of like Girls (Sky Atalantic/ HBO) or Sex In The City, however this is set in Mumbai, India.

It’s based around 4 women with different stories of different ages; There is Anjana, a single mum and lawyer, Dimani who runs a start up and is a journalist, Umang who is a personal trainer, and Siddhi who is a fun bubbly girl in her 20s looking for love.

The show is all about each girl and their lives, what they are getting up to, as well as having a look in the past to how they arrived at this point in their lives. They all come together in a bar called the Truck Bar, and as you guessed, drink shots!

It’s really interesting having a show like this from a different place such as Mumbai, getting a completely different backdrop and culture from the usual stuff which we see from America or even the UK.

You can easily tell the difference from a UK show and one from the USA, and when it comes to Four More Shots Please! from India, you can see the cool cultural differences too.

For one thing, unless you speak Hindi, you definitely need the subtitles on. The characters speak English 90% of the time, but will drop in sentences or words in Hindi, so to follow along properly, you need to have the subtitles on (or be able to speak Hindi!).

Each episode is 25-35 minutes, so it’s so easy to give a few episodes a watch and decide if you like it or not.

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Season 1 started in 2019, and season 2 started on Amazon in 2020. The second season picks up a little bit of time after the first, and is more of the same. It’s a really good and easy to watch show.

You can dip into it now, and it’s been confirmed that filming would begin in 2021 for season 3, so there’s more coming down the line soon.

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