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Euro 2020 – Latest Predictions, Scores, Results And Reports

Euro 2020 is here! It may be a year late, but it’s better late than never. I am excited for this tournament which is a pan European tournament for the first time in it’s history. That means there’s no one host country, with 11 different cities taking in the games over the next month.

The tournament will run from 11th June – 11th July, and I’ll be posting up the fixtures, results, and thoughts from Euro 2020 throughout the month.

Rome opens Euro 2020 with Italy against Turkey.

I can’t wait to watch every match!

Check out the best moments from Euro 2020 where I feature my favourite moments and memories from the tournament.

Sunday 11th July 20:00

Euro 2020 FINAL

Italy 1 – 1 England (AET Italy Win 3-2 On Penalties)

Shaw, (2′), Bonucci (67′)

Italy Penalties: Beradi ✅ Belotti ❌ Bonucci ✅  Bernardeschi ✅ Jorginho ❌

England Penalties: Kane ✅ Maguire ✅ Rashford ❌ Sancho ❌ Saka ❌

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Italy 2 -1 England

Wednesday 7th July

Semi Finals

England 2 – 1 Denmark (AET)

Damsgaard (30′), Kjær (39′ o.g.), Kane (104′)

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England 1 – 2 Denmark

Tuesday 6th July

Semi Finals

Italy 1 – 1 Spain AET (Italy Win 4-2 On Penalties)

Chiesa (60′), Morata (80′)

Italy Penalties: Locatelli❌ Belotti ✅ Bonucci ✅  Bernardeschi ✅ Jorginho ✅

Spain Penalties: Olmo ❌ Moreno ✅ Thiago ✅  Morata❌

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Italy 1 – 2 Spain

Report: Spain 1 – 1 Italy (Italy Win 4-2 On Penalties


That’s it, it’s all over for Spain. Italy beat Spain 4-2 on penalties to reach the final of Euro 2020. Not the result I wanted or any Spain fan wanted, but it was a really good game.

The game started as it meant to go on. Spain having most of the possession and most of the play. Luis Enrique made changes, Morata was on the bench and replaced by Oyarzabal, which meant that Spain started with a false 9 rather than a recognised striker.

Sarabia was injured, which meant the front 3 attacking were Dani Olmo, Ferran Torres and Oyarzabal.

Spain had a few chances to score, with Dani Olmo and Oyarzabal having the best of them. They should have scored, but they didn’t, and it went 0-0 at half time.

Italy did have a few chances and looked like anything they would get would be on the break, and it was. A counter attack lead to Chiesa scoring a really good goal, curling the ball past Unai Simon.

Spain made changes, Gerard Moreno and Morata were introduced, with Spain still having most of the play.

Then with 10 minutes to go a great piece of play between Olmo and Morata put him though on goal, and Morata was the coolest man in the stadium with a nice finish. It was 1-1.

Extra time came, and neither side could get a goal, and the match went to penalties.

Italy were first to step up, but Locatelli had his shot saved by Unai Simon. Olmo could have put Spain ahead, but his kick went over the bar. More goals were scored, and Morata then stepped up, who missed.

It was down to Jorginho who could sent Italy to the final with their last kick, and he did. Italy ran out winners on the penalty shoot out 4-2.

Although they lost, It was a good game for Spain, and didn’t deserve to lose. They can be proud of their performance, and if only they had taken one of the chances they created, it could have been different.

It’s been a good tournament, but Euro 2020 is now over for Spain.

Saturday 3rd July

Quarter Finals

Czech Rep 1 – 2 Denmark

Delaney (5′), Dolberg (42′), Schick (49′)

Ukraine 0 – 4 England

Kane (4′, 50′), Maguire (46′), Henderson (63′)

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Czech Rep 1 – 2 Denmark

Ukraine 0 – 1 England

Friday 2nd July

Quarter Finals

Switzerland 1 – 1 Spain AET (Spain Win 3-1 On Penalties)

Zakaria (8′ o.g.), Shaqiri (68′)

Spain Penalties: Busquets ❌ Olmo ✅ Rodri ❌ Moreno ✅ Oyarzabal ✅

Switzerland Penalties: Gavarovic ✅ Schar ❌ Akanji ❌ Vargas ❌

Belgium 1 – 2 Italy

Barella (31′), Insigne (44′), Lukaku (45+2′ pen)

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Switzerland 1 – 2 Spain

Belgium 1 – 2 Italy

Report: Spain 1 – 1 Switzerland (AET – Spain Win 3-1 On Penalties)


Spain have done it! They have reached the quarter finals of Euro 2020! What a great achievement that is. 

My heart was racing like crazy, it was a tense and intense end to the game. But Spain ran out winners, beating Switzerland on penalties 3-1 after a 1-1 draw in normal time.

Spain started well, and played their usual possession game. After they got a corner, Jordi Alba fired in a shot which got a wicked deflection and took an early lead 1-0. The goal should be credited to Jordi Alba as it was a shot on target, but UEFA have officially given it as a Zakaria own goal.

Spain closed out the first half and looked the better team. They were more or less in complete control, not attacking but controlling the game in midfield. The Swiss were only getting real chances from corners. None ever really came close, but the goal from a corner was always a threat.

But then disaster struck. A mix up in defence let the Swiss in, and the ball was squared to Shaqiri who couldn’t miss. It was 1-1. Switzerland then had a man sent off (Freuler) after 77 minutes, and it was backs against the wall.

Spain then turned up the pressure, launching attack after attack, but Switzerland hung on until full time. In Extra time it was 30 minutes of the same. Spain launching attack after attack, but couldn’t break through the Swiss. The game then went to a penalty shoot out.

Busquets was the first man to step up, and he missed, hitting the post. Gavarovic stepped up for Switzerland and scored, leaving Spain a mountain to climb. Dani Olmo then had huge pressure, and he managed to score.

Schar then stepped up for Switzerland where Unai Simon saved, but Rodri also missed, keeping the score level. Unai Simon saved yet again, this time from Akanji, and when Moreno scored, it put Spain in the lead for the first time in the shoot out.

Vargas was next up for Switzerland who put the ball over the bar. Oyarzabal could then with the game for Spain from the spot, and he did, and Spain won the penalties 3-1.

What a game! Unai Simon was the hero again, picking up star of the match. It was a heart racing end, and I hope we don’t need penalties any more, but it’s always good to win.

Tuesday 29th June

Round Of 16

England 2 – 0 Germany

Sterling (75′), Kane (86′)

Sweden 1 – 2 Ukraine AET

Zinchenko (27′), Dovbyk (120+1′)

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England 2 – 3 Germany

Sweden 3 – 2 Ukraine

Monday 28th June

Croatia 3 – 5 Spain AET

Pedri o.g. (20′), Sarabia (38′), Azpilicueta (57′), Ferran Torres (76′), Orsic (85′), Pasalic (90+2′), Morata (100′), Oyarzabal (103′)

France 3 – 3 Switzerland AET (Switzerland win 5-4 on penalties)

Seferovic (15′, 81′), Benzema (57′, 59′), Pogba (75′), Gavranovic (90′)

Switzerland Penalties: Gavarovic ✅ Schar ✅ Akanji ✅ Vargas ✅ Mehmedi ✅

France Penalties: Pogba ✅ Giroud ✅ Thuram ✅ Kimpenbe ✅ Mbappe ❌

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Croatia 0 – 1 Spain

France 2 – 1  Switzerland

Report: Croatia 3 – 5 Spain


What a game! If you are a neutral fan it was the best game in the tournament. If you’re like me and a Spain fan, it was a stressful 120 minutes, but now that Spain have got through, I can enjoy the most entertaining game in the Euros so far. It will go down as one of the most entertaining games in Euros history.

The start was terrible for Spain. A heavy back pass from Pedri should have been easily controlled by keeper Unai Simon, who missed the ball completely and it ended up in the Spanish net. Croatia were 1-0 up.

Spain played their usual possession game, and it paid off, Sarabia got an equaliser. Only 12 minutes into the 2nd half and a great cross from Ferran Torres was met by Azpilicueta of all people to put Spain in the lead.

Ferran Torres then went through on goal from a great cross field pass, and slotted home a 3rd to make the game 3-1. It looked like that would be that. But the game was far from over.

Croatia piled on the pressure, and got a goal back with some scrappy play in the Spain box. The ball was pinballing around, but it crossed the line and Orsic claimed the goal. In the last minute a cross came in and Pasalic headed the ball into the goal, it was 3-3 and the game was heading for extra time.

Croatia had a few more chances in the game, with Unai Simon pulling off an incredible save and kept Spain in the game. More than making up for his earlier error.

Morata then had a chance, and he wasn’t going to miss it, smashing the ball into the net. Spain were ahead 4-3 in extra time.

Minutes later Oyarzabal added another, giving Spain a 5-3 lead. What a game! Spain then played more possession football and kept the ball well for the remainder of the extra time.

The full time whistle went, and Spain had won a hard fought battle 5-3 after extra time. Spain will now play Switzerland in the quarter finals after they beat France on penalties in what was another epic game of the day.

Sunday 27th June

Round Of Last 16

Czech Rep 2 – 0 Netherlands

Holes (68′), Schick (80′)

Belgium 1 – 0 Portugal

T. Hazard (42′)

[pre match prediction]

Czech Rep 1 – 2 Netherlands

Belgium 3 – 2 Portugal

Saturday 26th June

Round Of Last 16

Wales 0 – 4 Denmark

(Dolberg 27′, 48′), Mæhle (88′), Braithwaite (90+4′)

Italy 2 – 1 Austria (AET)

Chiesa (95′), Pessina (105′), Kalajdzic (114′)

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Wales 1 – 2 Denmark 17:00

Italy 2 – 0 Austria 20:00

Wednesday 23rd June

Sweden 3 – 2 Poland (Group E)

Forsberg (2′, 59′), Lewandowski (61′, 84′), Claesson (90+3′)

Slovakia 0 – 5 Spain (Group E)

Dubravka (30′ o.g.), Laporte (45+3′), Sarabia (56′), Ferran Torres (67′), Kucka (71′ o.g.)

Portugal 2 – 2 France (Group F)

Ronaldo (30′ pen, 60′ pen), Benzema (45+2′ pen, 47′)

Germany 2 – 2 Hungary (Group F)

Szalsi (11′), Havertz (66′), Shafer (68′), Goretzka (84′)

Report: Slovakia 0 – 5 Spain 


Spain recorded their first win in Euro 2020 tonight with a great 5-0 victory over Slovakia. The win earns them a place in the last 16 where they will play against Croatia on Monday 28th June at 17:00.

It was a very good performance which saw Spain play they usual game of possession football. Spain created plenty of chances, and this time round took a whole lot of them. They won another penalty, only for Morata to step up and miss. Spain opened the scoring with a strange goal when Slovakia keeper Dubravka put the ball into his own net, trying to palm the ball over the bar.

Laporte headed in his first goal just before half time to make it 2, with Sarabia making it 3. Ferran Torres came off the bench and made an immediate impact with a fourth, and Pau Torres also came off the bench to cause confusion in the Slovak defence with another own goal from Kucka.

Once again players such as Jordi Alba and Pedri had very good games, both have started all of Spain’s games so far. Sarabia make his first start and played better, getting involved with goals, scoring and picking up the man of the match award.

Spain finish the group in 2nd place and on a high. Hopefully Spain will keep this momentum going for the rest of Euro 2020.

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Sweden 1 – 1 Poland (Group E)

Slovakia 1 – 2 Spain (Group E)

Portugal 2 – 2 France (Group F)

Germany 3 – 1 Hungary (Group F)

Tuesday 22nd June

Croatia 3 – 1 Scotland (Group D)

Vlasic (17′), Moderic (62′), Perisic (77′)

Czech Rep 0 – 1 England (Group D)

Sterling (12′)

[pre match predictions]

Croatia 1 – 1 Scotland 20:00 (Group D)

Czech Rep 0 – 1 England 20:00 (Group D)

Monday 21st June

Ukraine 0 – 1 Austria (Group C)

Baumgartner (21′)

North Macedonia 0 – 3 Netherlands (Group C)

Depay (24′), Wijnaldum (51′, 58′)

Russia 1 – 4 Denmark (Group B)

Damsgaard (38′), Y. Poulsen (59′), Dzyuba (pen 70′), Christiensen (79′), Mæhle (82′)

Finland 0 – 2 Belgium (Group B)

Hradecky (o.g. 74′), Lukaku (81′)

[pre match predictions]

Ukraine 2 – 1 Austria (Group C)

North Macedonia 1 – 1 Netherlands (Group C)

Russia 0 – 1 Denmark (Group B)

Finland 1 – 2 Belgium (Group B)

Sunday 20th June

Italy 1 – 0 Wales (Group A)

Pessina (39′)

Switzerland 3 – 1 Turkey (Group A)

Seferovic (6′), Shaqiri (26′, 68′), Kahveci (62′)

[Pre Game Predictions]

Italy 2 – 1 Wales 17:00 (Group A)

Switzerland 2 – 2 Turkey 17:00 (Group A)

Saturday 19th June

Hungary 1 – 1 France (Group F)

(Fiola 45+2′), Griezmann (66′)

Portugal 2 – 4 Germany (Group F)

Ronaldo (15′), Dias (o.g. 35′), Guerreiro (o.g. 39′), Havertz (51′), Gosens (60′), Jota (67′)

Spain 1 – 1 Poland 20:00 (Group E)

Morata (25′), Lewandowski (54′)



It was another frustrating night for Spain, as they drew 1-1 with Poland. Spain did have their chances, and went 1-0 up going into the 2nd half. Morata scored a nice goal, which was good to see considering the criticism he’s received in the last few days.

Poland took the game to Spain, and Lewandowski scored a header from a cross. Spain then won a penalty, in which Gerard Moreno stepped up but hit the post. Morata then had half a chance at the rebound, but missed.

Spain made some changes, but couldn’t score a goal. Once again the game finished in a draw, this time 1-1.

The Spain starting 11 was almost the same, with only one change, Moreno for Ferran Torres. I think this was a good move, and I think Moreno should start with Morata for a more attacking threat.

Dani Olmo did not have his best game, and was eventually taken off. Sarabia came on and looked fairly poor in my opinion. Once again Fabian came on but wasn’t effective, with Oyarzabal only coming on with 3 minutes to play.

It was another game which did not see Adama Traore, who may have added something with his pace.

Jordi Alba once again had a good game, and was named Man Of The Match.

It leaves Spain on 2 points in 3rd place. Spain will know that they realistically need to win their last game against Slovakia. If they do, they’ll have 5 points and leapfrog Slovakia who currently sit in 2nd. Sweden are 1st, and will play Poland. Both games are on Wednesday at 5PM.

Spain drawing 1-1 leaves me wondering who will be in the starting 11 for the next game against Slovakia. Will Moreno keep his place? Will Dani Olmo? There’s questions for La Selección.

[Pre Game Predictions]

Hungary 0 – 2 France (Group F)

Portugal 1 – 2 Germany (Group F)

Spain 2 – 0 Poland (Group E)

Friday 18th June

Sweden 1 – 0 Slovakia 14:00 (Group E)

Forsberg (77′ pen)

Croatia 1- 1 Czech Republic 17:00 (Group D)

Schick (37′ pen), Perisic (47′)

England 0 – 0 Scotland (Group D)

[Pre Game Predictions]

Sweden 2 – 2 Slovakia (Group E)

Croatia 2 – 1 Czech Republic (Group D)

England 1 – 0 Scotland (Group D)

Thursday 17th June

Ukraine 2 – 1 North Macedonia (Group C)

Yarmolenko (29′), Yaremchuk (34′), Alioski (57′)

Denmark 1 – 2 Belgium (Group B)

Y. Poulson (2′), T. Hazard (54′), De Bruyne (70′)

Netherlands 2 – 0 Austria 20:00 (Group C)

Depay (11′ pen), Dumfries (67′)

[Pre Game Predictions]

Ukraine 2 – 1 North Macedonia (Group C)

Denmark 1 – 2 Belgium (Group B)

Netherlands 2 – 2 Austria (Group C)

Wednesday 16th June

Finland 0 – 1 Russia (Group B)

Miranchuk (45+2′)

Turkey 0 – 2 Wales 17:00 (Group A)

Ramsey (42′), C. Roberts (90+5′)

Italy 3 – 0 Switzerland (Group A)

Locatelli (26′, 52′), Immobile (89′)

[Pre Game Predictions]

Finland 1 – 1 Russia 14:00 (Group B)

Turkey 1 – 1 Wales 17:00 (Group A)

Italy 2 – 0 Switzerland 20:00 (Group A)

Tuesday 15th June

Hungary 0 – 3 Portugal (Group F)

Guerreiro (84′), Ronaldo (87′ Pen, 90+2′)

France 1 – 0 Germany (Group F)

(Hummels (O.G. 20′)


It was billed as the biggest game of the group, but sadly it wasn’t a classic. France beat Germany 1-0 in a fairly poor game, considering the talent which was on the pitch.

The passing was particularly poor from both teams, and it was quite a stop-start kind of game. At least both teams did go for the win, as they could have just played out for a draw.

It was a good piece of French play which led to Hernandez crossing the ball in, only for Mats Hummels to score an own goal. France had a few more chances, Benzema scoring a goal which was ruled offside, and Mbappe proving to be a handful with his pace.

Both teams will need to perform better if they’re to get to the serious stages of the competition.

[Pre Match Predictions]

Hungary 1 – 1 Portugal (Group F)

France 1 – 1 Germany (Group F)

Monday 14th June

Scotland 0 – 2 Czech Rep (Group D)

Schick (42′, 52′)

Poland 1 – 2 Slovakia 17:00 (Group E)

Szczesny (O.G. 18′), Linetty (46′), Skriniar (69′)

Spain 0 – 0 Sweden (Group E)



Spain kicked off their group E game with a 0-0 draw with Sweden tonight. It was a game of attack vs defence, with Spain predictably having most of the ball for the whole 90 minutes.

They created a few chances, but couldn’t score. Sweden defended well for the whole match, and when Morata had a one-on-one chance in the first half, he couldn’t make it count.

Sweden did create a few chances, with Isak being their biggest threat. They had a couple of chances, and probably should have scored when Isak set up Berg who missed.

Pedri was probably the best player for Spain, with Jordi Alba also having a good game down the left. His passing and crossing was good, but Spain couldn’t find a goal from any player.

Moreno came on for Morata and had a late chance, with Sarabia also coming on and having half a chance.

The game finished 0-0, with the points being shared.

[Pre Game Predictions]

Scotland 1 – 1 Czech Rep (Group D)

Poland 1 – 1 Slovakia (Group E)

Spain 2 – 1 Sweden (Group E)

Sunday 13th June

England 1 – 0 Croatia (Group D)

Sterling (57′)

Austria 3 – 1 North Macedonia (Group C)

Lainer (18′), Pandev (28′), Arnautovic (89′)

Netherlands 3 – 2 Ukraine (Group C)

Wijnaldum (52′), Weghorst (58′), Yarmolenko (75′), Yaremchuk (79′), Dumfries (85′),

[Pre Game Predictions]

England 2 – 2 Croatia (Group D)

Austria 2 – 0 North Macedonia (Group C)

Netherlands 2 – 1 Ukraine (Group C)

Saturday 12th June

Wales 1 – 1 Switzerland (Group A)

Embolo (49′), Moore (74′)

Denmark 0 – 1 Finland  (Group B)

Pohjanpalo (59′)

Belgium 3 – 0 Russia (Group B)

Lukaku (10′, 88′), Meunier (34′)

[Pre Game Predictions]

Wales 2 – 2 Switzerland

Denmark 1 – 0 Finland

Belgium 2 – 0 Russia

Friday 11th June 2020

Italy 3 – 0 Turkey (Group A)

Demiral (O.G. 53′), Immobile (66′), Insigne (79′)

It was a great game to open the tournament, with Italy looking impressive. They had all of the ball and all of the play in the first half, but couldn’t put the ball in the net. They scored via an own goal from Demiral who put the ball past his own keeper with the ball coming in from a whipped cross.

Euro 2020 Groups

Group A – Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

Group B – Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Russia

Group C – Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia

Group D – England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic

Group E – Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

Group F – Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany