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Digital PR For Fashion Brands

Digital PR For Fashion Brands

Get your name out there with digital PR for your fashion brand. A digital PR campaign is perfect for getting brand or product exposure on an authoritative website or blog, which is where Michael 84 comes into play.

Drive brand awareness on a relevant and authority site with a natural, featured blog post for your brand, product or service.

Interested in getting your brand or product seen? Get in touch for digital PR for your fashion brand with your details and request a media pack.

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Brand Awareness

Michael 84 has featured brands and products of all shapes and sizes, with a variety campaigns creating awareness for small and large brands.

Covering everything within the men’s sector, including fashion, fragrance and men’s lifestyle, brand’s have harnessed the power of blogs such as Michael 84 to drive awareness for their campaigns.

Social Proof

Have you ever Googled a brand or product, or read a review before buying?

You’re not alone, in fact over 90% of people say they read reviews before buying a product. Social proof is real.

If you ever want to know anything about anything, using Google or another search engine is how you find out. Being featured on websites and blogs gives your brand a great opportunity to be showcased outside your corporate environment.

This gives your products a more organic feel, building trust with potential customers who read genuine reviews and information on your brand.

Target The Right Audience

Targeting the right audience is key to a successful digital PR campaign. If you’re a men’s fashion or lifestyle brand, Michael 84 is a leading blog in this space which is perfect for your brand.

People love to read reviews, search for information on new product launches and content which is engaging. A tailored digital PR approach means creating campaigns that target the right people, in the right place, with content they are looking for.

Content That Sticks

You’re on social media, you scroll and scroll. How much content do you see, and how much do you remember?

Content that sticks is incredibly important.

Social media is fantastic, and is a fantastic tool for branding and PR. It is great to grab initial attention, but once people scroll, they can forget.

A feature blog post is a different approach. This usually has an initial slower start, but can gain traction over time, and still be viewed and relevant even years after the initial post.

Get In Touch

Looking to increase brand awareness and create social proof? Get in touch to see how Michael 84 and digital PR can benefit your fashion or lifestyle brand or products.

For a full list of options and a more in depth view, request a media pack and let me know how Michael 84 can help your brand.