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Yet More Blu Rays & A Couple Of Albums

Thursday, 6th December, 2012


Christmas is coming, which means Christmas shopping. I have been quite bad this year, and hardly bought anything. However today I did get a few presents for people, and also got myself stuff of course πŸ˜‰

Amazon have a great offer on blu rays; A huge selection to choose from and you can get 3 for Β£17. A pretty good deal if you like films and you have a blu ray player. They have loads of old films which have made it on to blu ray, so I got some. Beverly Hills Cop (original), Goodfellas and Jackie Brown. The first and original Beverly Hills Cop is my favourite out of the ones they did, I really like it. Jackie Brown is actually the first Tarintino film I ever saw, and found it intriguing. The scenes in the department store which are shot over the over from different angles/perspectives were confusing the first time I ever watched it years ago, then I realised what it was :mrgreen:

I love goodfellas, and bought the DVD of it years ago, so long ago it’s one of them old annoying double sided discs, so you have to turn it over! πŸ˜› They were such a pain, and I hardly watched it because of that reason. But now I have the blu ray, I think it will be great to watch, hopefully they have re-mastered it and the picture and sound is amazing. I think it’s one of them films that you have to see, most probably have, it’s such a classic, maybe the best gangster type film there is (Better than Scarface?!)

I got New Years Eve too, just for the sheer number of A listers in it. I wanted it ages ago, the film came out last year at the cinema but this was only released on Monday.

I got a couple of albums; The Calvin Harris one “18 months” which came out a couple of weeks ago. He’s collaborated with so many great artists and had loads of hits, the Rihanna track “We Found Love” is probably my favourite.

I never thought I’d ever buy a Kelly Clarkson CD but I have. I saw an ad for it and realised actually I like a lot of her stuff. They are proper pop songs which I like. I got the deluxe version which includes all the music videos on a separate DVD.


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