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Yesterday In South Shields

Saturday, 26th July, 2014

South Shields Beach

It’s so sunny and warm, so yesterday I decided to take advantage of the weather and go to South Shields. I wanted to test out my new camera (review coming later), so decided to go to South Shields to take a couple of snaps, and also get some chips. The weather at South Shields was actually a bit disappointing. It was not as sunny as it was in Newcastle, and slightly cloudy, when you add in the sea breeze it was quite cool, but not cold. I took a couple of snaps down at the beach just to test out my camera, and went into the park too. If you’ve never been to the park it has a lake, and also a little train for kids which goes around the park, I remember going on that so many years ago! 😛

South Shields Park

Colmans is a famous take-away and restaurant, and was featured in Esquire and rated number 1 in a list of the best traditional chippies in Britain. I’m lucky living in the North East of England, with a few other places famed for their amazing fish and chips, the others being Gormans and Pantrini’s. I’ve wanted to go to Colmans for a while to see what makes them so good.

They are amazing! You would not think something as simple as chips could be done so many ways, but I really loved the ones from Colmans. They’re quite big and chunky, but just crispy enough on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. If you’re in South Shields I recommend that you go, they have the take-away and right next door a sit-down restaurant if you prefer that style, be warned there will probably be a queue, but it is worth the wait 🙂

Colmans Of South Shields Fish And Chips Takeaway Amazing Chips From Colmans Chippy! :)

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