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Why The iPad 2 Is The Best Tablet (At The Moment)

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Sunday, 19th June, 2011

If you follow my blog you will know I very recently got an iPad 2, and I love it ๐Ÿ˜€ I did get myself an ASUS Eee pad Transformer before that, but sent that back. There is and going to be loads of tablet devices to his the market, a huge number of Android based ones, the Blackberry Playbook and the HP WebOS one too. I think at the moment the iPad is the way to go and is the best, and I will tell you why.

I got the Eeepad because I read about a good few tablets, and that one seemed the best of the rest. You got a keyboard with it, which docked horizontally (better idea than the iPad counterpart) and also contained a battery, doubling the life of the tablet. All sounds really good ๐Ÿ™‚ It came with Andriod 3.0, the version designed for tablets and is supposed to be a good competitor to the iPad’s iOS software.

I cannot fault the hardware of the Eee Pad, it has a bigger screen at 10.1″ and you do notice that 0.4″ difference. It was nice to hold, a little heavier than the iPad 2 but not a ton weight. It has expansion ports for more memory, it seemed like a great choice. The touchscreen was quite responsive, and I couldn’t fault it too much. So all in all the hardware side was fine. All the tablets of this “generation” are pretty similar in spec, so if you are getting the Acer, ASUS, Dell, Motorola etc. there are very little differences in the OS (Android) or the hardware, the biggest difference is the design.

The price is also another non-issue. Similarly priced to the iPad, if you are looking for an alternative to an iPad then you can have one for the same price.

My biggest problem is the software support, and I will explain more.

In the computing world it is critical to have software for the hardware. This has always been the case, in the gaming industry it is pretty obvious the consoles do well aren’t the ones with the best graphics and powerful hardware, they are the ones with game support; That is why you might not have bought a Jaguar 64 (or even heard of one) years back; Much more powerful than its rivals, but had terrible supporting games. In the olden days of the console wars it was the console with the least or worst games which always did worse than its rivals; It wasn’t always down to the hardware capabilities or the price, games are the main focus, and the reason to use the hardware.

This is the exact problem we face with tablets. I checked out the Android marketplace and it just isn’t as vast as the Apple’s App store. Furthermore, the apps just don’t seem as good. I have the Twitter app on my iPad, and I have tried the Android version and it was terrible. Apple do have the advantage of being around for longer, but if you are a consumer that doesn’t really come into it, you want to buy the best one now, not the best in 2 years. Will the Android marketplace and apps get better? Maybe, probably, but its like its a work in progress, as opposed to the finished article which the iPad appsย ย are.

I have heard from developers that iOS is a better platform to work with, because its 1 OS designed for 1 company’s device, so its easier and cheaper to make an app/game etc. for that; As opposed to Android which has many versions being ran, on different tablets, of different sizes and specs. There are just too many apps for the iPad which aren’t available for the Android based tablets.

Another plus for the iPad is that I have an iPhone as do lots of people. I got an Eee Pad thinking I would want a change, something different, which is why I got it. Why would I want a larger version of my iPhone, its just a waste right? Well no, I like my iPhone because it does what I want it to do. Having both devices makes it a breeze to use, sync, etc. its just a joy to use.

There are some drawbacks which I cant stand, one being no Flash support. I HATE that, not just because its not supported, but because I should be able to choose if I want it on, its my iPad, I bought it! I would like a better browser choice, I am not much of a Safari person, I would like something better.

I am not an Apple Fan Boy, I just want something which is nice to use and works, and that is what I have ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe the rest will get better, or something else will come around, but I think that the iPad2 is the best device to get at the moment if you are looking to get a tablet. I think the iPhone is the best phone at the moment, the software is very good and that is the point. I think the exact same thing about the iPad.

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