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Which Bluetooth Speaker To Get?

Monday, 24th June, 2013


I am looking for a bluetooth speaker to play my music. I want something quite loud, aka room filling, it doesn’t have to smash the windows, but I want to hear it. I have only tried a couple of speakers out, check out my Beats Pill review and you will see how disappointing I found it. I want something which I can plug into my PC and other things, so it has to have a 3.5mm jack or something else compatible, and also Bluetooth. I am ruling out speakers which use Apple’s Airplay, because who knows how long that technology will last, or how long I will have an Apple device.

I have been searching for the best option, and I have come up with these, all at different price points.

HMDX JAM – £30 – This is the cheapest of all, as well as smallest. It’s a pretty much unheard of brand, and doesn’t look like it could be up to much. This is one I have tried out and it’s actually really good. The bluetooth works well and it’s very loud fo it’s size. The clarity is not the best at high volume, but for £30 it’s worth getting if you want a cheap portable option. It has the least number of hours playback, with only 4 hours.

JBL Charge – £119 – I have heard lots of good things about this, but my experience with the Beats Pill puts me off this size of devices just a little. It does have many good reviews, a 12 hour battery and comes in various colours. This is £119, but is it really THAT much better than the little HMFDX JAM? It claims to have 12 hours of playback.

Jabra Solemate – £99 – Again I have heard good things about this, it’s small, portable and apparently good. The good thing about this one is that it’s rugged, it’s tough enough for splashes, sand, dust etc. which makes it the perfect thing for beaches or just about anywhere. You won’t need to worry too much about your nice speaker getting damaged. There are a few reviews which I have read about this which states that the Braven is a better choice. It claims to have 8 hours of playback.

Braven 650 – £150 – Again another one with great reviews, and it looks really nice too. It claims to have a massive 20 hours playback, and can fill a small room with sound. It does look pretty good with all these specs, and at £150 sits in the middle of the expensive big boys and cheaper alternatives.

Sony SRS BTX300 – £180 – This is the smaller of the two Sony speakers. It claims to have 8 hours playback, has NFC and is packed with 20W of power. It looks really good, it’s small enough to be portable and has 8 hours of battery.

Sony SRS BTX500 – £280 – The bigger brother of the 300, and has double the power at 40W. This one is a bit bigger which means less portable, and only has 6 hours of playback. It could be the perfect choice for an in-home speaker, but is the most expensive, and £100 more than the 300.

Bose Soundlink II – £250 – You cannot talk about speakers without talking about Bose. This is the Bluetooth Soundlink, and is their mobile speaker. 8 hours of battery life, and you’re almost guaranteed sound quality which Bose usually delivers.

So there you go, 7 of the best of Bluetooth speakers, from the relative cheap to a little expensive. Of course the best way and only way to see which is the best for me is to try each of them out. In terms of reviews I have read and watched on YouTube, the Sony could be the one I go for, and I think I will be going and trying that out and may get that one.

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