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What Happens In Bulgaria

Friday, 10th January, 2014


I used to watch What Happens In Kavos, which was on C4, but I had never been there but heard lots about it. They have followed this up with What Happens In Sunny Beach, and of course, I have been there, a long time ago! When I was there it was beginning to become popular amongst Brits and other nations alike, but most Brits were going to Greece or Magaluf for their holiday. Seven years later and more and more Brits have discovered Bulgaria, and realised it’s fairly cheap, and are now flocking there.

I watched Booze, Bar Crawls and Bulgaria: Stacey Dooley Investigates on BBC3 and it does seem to have turned into the new Kavos/Malia/Maga/Insert British holiday place here. When I was there it was a party place, but most of the people were European or Russian, and now it seems that the English are taking over. It was more of a “Have a laugh, have a good time, get drunk, have an amazing holiday” but now it’s turned the cesspool that lots of the other holiday resorts have become. I did review Sunny Beach on my blog a few years ago, it’s a place I was glad I went but probably will never go back to. However I still maintain that the hotel I stayed in was one of the best I have ever stayed in (for the money) and is still #1 on Trip Advisor 😉

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