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Watching Midnight Sun For Film Night

Sunday, 20th January, 2019

Midnight Sun for film night (review)

I was having a browse around for a film to watch, and came across this film called Midnight Sun which I had never heard of before. I’ve been into coming of age/teen films lately, last week I watched Paper Towns, so I thought I would give this one a watch and see what it was all about.

It stars Bella Throne as Katie, who lives with her dad and has a rare skin condition called XP, which means she cannot go out at night, and avoid the sun. This means she’s had a strange upbringing, spending all her days inside sleeping, while getting up on a night. She sees a boy she likes going by her house every day throughout her childhood until she grows up, Charlie, who goes to the local school. When they are in the final year and graduating, she goes to the train station to play her guitar, and Charlie sees her for the first time.

She freaks out and leaves, but leaves behind her notebook. Her only friend, Morgan, then sees Charlie and arranges for Katie to meet Charlie again at the train station where she gets her notebook back, and they get to know each other. She asks him out and they spend the night together at a party, but she doesn’t tell him about her condition, only that she is busy during the day but can go out at night.

On one date, Charlie takes her out, but they stay out too long, and as realises that the sun is about to come up, tries to race home to avoid the sun. She almost makes it back to the house, but the sun catches a glimpse of her. Charlie is still unaware of her condition, until Morgan tells him she has XP. and she has to go to the hospital for tests.  They confirm that her brain is contracting, and it’s only a matter of time before she dies.

She tries to avoid Charlie, fearing she will just hurt him, and ignores his texts. Her dad eventually convinces her to see him, and so she does. She goes to him swim meet, and then he surprises her with some studio time for her to record some songs. Remembering that Charlie wanted to take her on a boat to see the sun set, he convinces Charlie and her dad so he can take her out, in the sun.

After she dies Charlie goes to her dad’s house where he says goodbye to him as he’s off to College, when he gives him Katie’s notebook which has a message in for him. As he’s driving off, her song is played on the radio.

Overall I think the film is good, and is definitely a tear jerking sad and emotional film, which is what it’s supposed to be, I may have shed a tear 😛 I’m glad I found this one, it was a really good story and the characters were very likeable.

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