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Valentines Day Gift Guide – Ideas What To Get Her

Thursday, 2nd February, 2017

Valentines Day Gift Guide - Ideas For Her

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for some ideas on what to get her, I have come up with a few things. I have written guides in previous years, and it’s more of the same, but if you did not read it then, here’s a little update and some ideas on what to get your significant other. If you still haven’t planned an event or activity you can check out my Valentines Day date ideas, and remember to look the part and check out the Valentine’s outfit tips post too.

With that said, here’s some ideas on what to buy and where to get them from.

Champagne & Prosecco

The great thing about champagne and prosecco is that it comes in a bottle to share, so it’s a gift for two, rather than one. You can also buy small bottles, so get a few of those. My picks are the Bottega Gold prosecco, the gold bottle makes good presentation, it comes in either a full size bottle which is good for sharing or small quarter size bottles which are perfect to buy in a pair (they also do bigger magnums). Another option could be Veuve Clicquot which do special edition bottles which come in boxes with the name of a city. You can get Stockholm, London, Paris and a whole load more.


Like champagne chocolates are to be shared, and my favourite for this time of year has to be champagne truffles. Charbonnel et Walker Marc De Champagne truffles are so good, they come in a heart shape box, you get 3 for around £4 – 6 (shop around) you can check out their full range.


Roses are red, violets are blue. Vodka is cheaper, than dinner for two. Most girls like flowers, it’s no secret. There are so many places to order flowers online I don’t have to tell you any, just google it. There’s also “letterbox flowers” available which I wrote about last year, they’re exactly as they sound; a box of flowers sent directly through your (or her) letterbox. A good idea if you know she won’t be in, or get a bouquet delivered to her house or place or work.


If you want to stay in and have a film night, there’s plenty of choice out there, from the classic girly chick flicks like Grease, Dirty Dancing, The Notebook and Pretty Women, to the latest Bridget Jones’s Baby. I buy all my films from Amazon, you can get Bridget Jones’s Baby on blu ray

The I Heart You Box From Selfridges

Selfridges are doing this box of goodies which contains all kinds of beauty products. There’s over £135 worth of products and all kinds of things from Molton Brown to Lord & Berry. You’re definitely on to a winner with this one, and it’s only £35.

Happy Socks

I love Happy Socks, I’ve loved them for years. Socks are pretty unisex types of things, and you can get these in either a pair, or a special Valentines Day pack which is really good value. Have a browse over at Happy Socks website


Perfume is a tricky one, because all girls like a different scent, and some they really like, and others they may hate, but I guess that’s the same for us guys too. You can ask her what she likes, or guess, or try a few in a shop and make your own mind up. Black Orchid from Tom Ford and the lighter Orchid Soleil could be really nice options, both are premium scents and are favoured by so many ladies. These start at £54 and go to £108 depending on what size bottle you go for.

And there you have it, some gift ideas to get you going!

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