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Tuesday 4th October 2011

Tuesday, 4th October, 2011

Hey blog πŸ™‚

So today it has been a bit of a relaxing work day, I did not do too much πŸ˜› I did work on my blog for work, as well as blogging here, and also did a few designs too.

This is what I wore today:


  • Armani knit
  • Acne Jeans

So today I got a label printer, I got a Dymo label writer. I used to think that label printers used ink, so never bothered to get one; It would be too expensive to keep buying ink and labels, so I never every bothered to even look into it. But I realised that it was thermal, so all you need to do is buy labels. This will save me so much time, so I got myself a printer and here it is:


So I have been busy setting that up and having a play and test with it. It doesnt work exactly how I would like, but it does a good job and will save me some time, as well as looking a bit more professional. The labels are quite small, I have ordered some larger ones which will come soon, and see if they are any better.


I also got The Big Bang Theory box set. I do like this show a lot, I would not say that I like it as much as Entourage for example, but it is a good watch, and now I can finally watch it in order instead of just watching it every now and then when its on.

I got a couple of new t shirts too, so I will show them in the next post πŸ˜‰


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