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Tuesday 28th February 2012 – Sunny Day!

Tuesday, 28th February, 2012

Buenas Tardes Amigos!

I am so happy, it’s sunny and warm!! πŸ˜€ Unbelievably it was 17C when I was driving to work today, got out the car and it was warm and has been all day, this weather makes me happy πŸ˜€ We all love the sun, I have saw people walking round in sleeveless shirts, one guy driving his convertible with the roof down, and it’s still February! :mrgreen:

This is what I wore today:

  • All Saints T Shirt
  • Cheap Monday black jeans
  • D&G Watch
  • Converse Trainers
  • La Coste EDT (the blue on)
  • Ray Ban Aviators

I wore a long sleeve tee, I did not really know what the temperature was outside, I probably could havegot away with a short sleeve πŸ˜› I actually have around 8 t-shirts brand new with tags which I am waiting to wear, I got them in the winter and it’s been too cold to wear them.

This week’s plans

work of course, I have just got my new heat press which I am excited about, using it today was good but I have had to buy another part to make it work how I want it to. It feels like a Monday to me because I have done Monday’s work today and Tuesday’s work yesterday because of the broken heat press πŸ˜›

Tonight it is Geordie Shore, and maybe something else? I swear I have to do something but I can’t remember πŸ˜›

Tomorrow it’s game day!! My beloved Spain are playing Venezuela, Viva La Roja!! The new away shirt is now officially available and I have it, so maybe they will wear that? We will see tomorrow πŸ™‚

At the weekend I am out for my friends birthday, I have to choose what to wear, It is actually something I have been contemplating, I am not sure, I think I will post up things and you can decide πŸ˜‰




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