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Totter And Happn – A Couple Of Apps For Your Phone

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Tuesday, 7th April, 2015

Totter App Review

It’s not too often that I download new apps, I really never liked the idea of having 100s of apps on my iPhone or in my account that I never use. I have got a few recently that I have been using, and they are pretty good.


Totter is a game rather than an app. It’s a really simple, but addictive game. Basically it’s a balancing game, where there’s a man or woman standing on a mountain top, and you have to keep him balancing by pressing the left and right sides of the screen. As he loses balance one way you have to counter-act that by pressing the other so he regains his balance. There’s a few obstacles which crop up like the wind blowing and objects being thrown at you. It’s a really addictive game which is out now.

It’s one of those which sounds really simple but when you get down to playing it, it’s hard to put down. I was up to 4th place the other day in the World leaderboard which I think is amazing! πŸ˜€ I don’t expect that to last though :p

Happn App Review


What is Happn? It’s supposed to be “the cool” version of Tinder. So it’s a bit of a dating app, or an app where you can meet or talk to people. What makes this different to Tinder is that you don’t have to swipe left or right, and you see people in a grid form rather than having to swipe to get to a different person.

How does it work? It’s location based, and whenever you cross paths with people on Happn it will let you know. You see their picture, and you can then like or dislike the people. There’s pics and space for a little bio, so you can read about the people or enter things in your own bio too. The person will only know if you’ve hit like if they also hit like and it’s a match, if you like someone you can give them a bit of a hint and send a charm; Guys have to pay to send a charm, it costs 1 credit.

I really like the idea of this as an app, it’s better than most that I’ve seen, the way it works is much better than the rest. If you come across the same person a few times it will tell you, so if you see someone once or on a regular basis and they’re on Happn then they’ll show up…So no more missed opportunities.

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