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Wednesday, 9th June, 2010

Hello lovely blog readers! How you doing? πŸ™‚

I am good, let me tell you about my day.

Today when going to work it took aaaaaaages. They are doing something to the road i go on, and closed a lane. I was in the lane which was open, and the lane which was closed the cars had to get in my lane. There is a rule, which is, you indicate, and you wait until someone lets you in, this is the person BEHIND you, you dont try and get into a lane in front of another car, it isnt how its done.

Anyway this driver tried it on me. He was more or less alongside me, with a car in front of myself and his lane closing in on him. I had a look at his car, he didnt indicate, and thought he was just going to jump ahead of me. We came sooo close! I am not kidding if i had my window open i could have reached into his car. What a fucking tosser he was! I cant stand the ignorant twats on the road, he was an ugly middle aged freak, i actually cant believe how close he was, i almost went up onto the curb, but there was no way i would let him passed.

Here is a crappy image i made to show you.

Anyway, i was mad, fuming in fact. I was already in a hurry, i thought my special delivery was going to come, and i wanted to be home for it.

It did not come….Then, around 5pm, it did! :mrgreen:

It is the shirt i have wanted for ages, since the first time i saw it. It is the Spain away GK Shirt, the blue one, the one Iker Casillas seems to always wear instead of the green one. I felt like a very small child at Christmas! πŸ˜€

This has come all the way from Spain, and i am quite impressed with the delivery really, or probably just happy that i have it πŸ˜€

Its probably the first and only one in the UK! That is so cool. I know this because i have been looking around online for weeks and nobody had it! Even one store in Barcelona who i am in contact with said they could not get it. Well now i do! :mrgreen:

Here it is, this is better than any D&G, Prada or anything else, a special import for me! πŸ˜€

I am a happy, happy boy πŸ˜›

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