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Throwback Thursday – Dream Team & Harchester United Shirt

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Thursday, 17th September, 2015


For Throwback Thursday I thought I would dig out some old footy shirts! Usually for a Throwback Thursday I do something I loved from the 90’s, well this is a bit older, and comes from the early noughties. Did you watch Dream Team?

First of all I have to explain the fit of the shirts….They don’t fit! Years ago when I bought football shirts I would buy 1 size larger, because I liked a baggy style; I was also a size large, bigger than I am now where I get a medium or even a small; These shirts are a size XL, as you can see these days far too big for me! :mrgreen:

So what’s the big deal with Dream Team? If you have never heard of it, it was a show on Sky One about a fictional football team, Harchester United. They were in the Premier League, and it was basically a soap/drama about the team, players and so on. A bit like Footballers Wives was, however this started out as a more football orientated show rather than the drama off the pitch, and also not as rude, since the first few runs of the show went out at 6:30pm. The show started off really well, then after a few series went down hill, and then turned completely rubbish. It was quite hard to keep the show going, since they are actors and they’d leave the show, there were plenty of “deaths” in the programme, and in the end it became too dramatic and not believable.

Still, it was a great show for a long time with a real core following…So big in fact even though this is a completely fictional team, they created real football kits for fans to buy…and I have the home and away shirts! πŸ˜€

They used to say that they played in purple because when they edited footage purple was really easy to edit (they used real Premier League match footage and edited it, putting in players & doing double shots for close-ups). They used to use Chelsea quite a bit, dark blue is easy to turn purple πŸ˜€

There were a few shirts available for different seasons, made by real world brands such as Le Coq Sportif, these were made by Valsport with fictional sponsor Dream Inc. as well as an embroidered Harchester United badge with dragon logo (The Dragons were their nickname).

If you’re looking for more 90’s clothing , check out my 90’s inspiration style guide which has tips on which clothing to buy, from jackets to T-shirts and trainers.




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