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Monday, 31st May, 2010

So…What do you think of the iPad?

I purposely didnt write about them on the release day, i was waiting for the hype to die down. Apple have said that they have now sold 2 million of these in the 2 months they have been on sale for. Thats faster than the iPhone.

I still dont think i want one; I may get one, but thats a different matter :mrgreen: They just dont do anything which hasnt already been done. I have an iPhone, and this is a bigger version. I dont use that in terms of the apps, or use it in any way in general, other than using it as a phone. I do check Twitter and Facebook on the go, and blog a bit, but that doesnt happen very often, and that fits into my pocket.

If you watch the F1 you have probably noticed in the past 2 races that Jake Humphrey walks around with one…That does make me want one πŸ˜›

But i know that i will hardly use it, and it will gather dust. I have an iPhone, desktop and laptop. Where does this fit in?

I will definatly wait a while before getting one, if i get one. I will see what the other companies have to offer, Dell, H.P. and others are said to be bringing devices out.

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