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The Riot Club Blu Ray Review

Wednesday, 20th January, 2016


Now that the Winter has set in I have got a few new films to watch for my film night when I have brought back. I hadn’t got any new films for a while, there were not many I wanted to see, but there’s a lot more which are coming out or have come out which I want to see. The Riot Club was actually never on any list, I was browsing around the saw it, read a bit about it and decided to buy it.

It’s a British drama/thriller type of film set in posh Oxford University and is about an exclusive club for a select few rich kids at Oxford University which is called The Riot Club. It’s fictional, but it’s described as being loosely based on the real life Bullingdon Club which has members including George Osborne, David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

The Riot Club like to live the rich life, they’re snobs and believe money can buy them anything. But they recruit two new members, Alistair who is a stuck up snob, and Miles who is more down to Earth and develops a relationship with a girl from a working class background. The film is centred round a dinner, which they have to have at a regular working class restaurant in a private back room, which they completely wreck. The owner is happy to take their money for their ridiculous requests, but when he sees the damage they cause things turn bad, he tells them to leave which doesn’t go down well with Alistair, who aggressively assaults the owner which renders him unconscious. Nobody does anything to help, other than Miles who calls for an ambulance. They all get arrested, questioned and later Alistair gets arrested and charged.

The film is pretty decent but the whole dining scene seems to go on forever and then once that’s over then the film is almost done. The end is abrupt, it does not really go on to say what happens next and leaves things lingering on with the characters.


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