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The PS4 – It’s Official – Coming Holidays 2013

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Thursday, 21st February, 2013


There is no price, no actual release date, in fact we did not even see the machine.

Last night was the Playstation “meeting” where they were announcing something for the future, and it was not a shock that it was the next console, officially named the PS4.

I watched for around 90 minutes, and for the most part the live stream was quite unwatchable, so forgive me if I miss out any details 😉

The whole presentation was more of a lead in to what is to come, rather than an unveiling of the next Playstation. We saw new games in the forms of Killzone, Drive Club, Second Son, Deep Down, Diablo III and a game I have been waiting for, Watch Dogs; I guess I’ll be getting that on the next console rather than the current generation.

I have to say the new games and the graphics look really great. I have been looking at Watch Dogs for a long time and I think it’s going to be a really great game, and it looked it on the screens. The others looked very good too, Drive Club looks so detailed as did Killzone.

Dualshock 4 Controller

The only piece of hardware which was unveiled was the controller, the Dualshock 4. Since we had the leaks of this it did not come as any great shock or surprise, in fact maybe that is why they just unveiled it, because the world has already seen it.

It features a touchpad, the analogue sticks look revised and it has a headphone jack. The main buttons remain, and it has a blue glowing bar to the rear, which could be for some motion or pointing like the PSMove/PSEye.

SHARE Button

It does have another button, and it was something which they spent a lot of time talking about, the share button. They are calling it social gaming, and if offers lots of features which sound cool, but do we really want them?

“Imagine you are stuck on a game, you can press the share button, and someone can take control of your game and do the part you are stuck on”. It sounds like a bit of a cheat to me, but I suppose we have all played a game and there is just that one part we cannot seem to do.

“You can look over the shoulder of a gamer”. It will mean people will be able to watch you play, and interact with you via voice or even type comments on your screen.

There is also said to be more influence on cloud based services and streaming; Sony claim you will be able to play a game while it’s still downloading. They have partnered with Facebook and UStream. You will be able to share videos instantly. Sony are really pushing the streaming and sharing experience on the next console.

Remote Play

If you have seen the Wii U then you will have noticed the big controller it has with the touchscreen. It allows you to play the game on there, while someone is using the TV. Sony have done this too! Now you will be able to play your PS4 without your TV, how? Using your PSVita. The downside is that a PSVita will (currently) cost you over £200…So that big expensive looking Wii U pad is starting to look like a bargain 😉 It is quite a smart move from Sony, I don’t have much doubt that this will increase sales of the VITA; I was going to buy one myself, decided I wouldn’t use it much so didn’t, and now this may persuade me to get one.

No Backward Compatibility

Hardly a shock, you will not be able to play PS3 (or PS2 or PS) games on your shiny new PS4. When they released the PS3 the very first model had backward-compatibility, it was said to be expensive to implement and they removed it. With the offer of the cloud, it’s a very strong possibility that we will see old PS/PS2/PS3 titles available as a download from the cloud in the future. Not a great thing if you have invested lots of money on PS3 titles, I imagine you’d have to “re-buy” them as a download. However I do like the idea of buying older games from the original Playstation, Sony has a huge catalogue and it would be a great idea to use it, like you can with the current generation of consoles.

What About The Machine? No Pics Yet, “You’d Get Bored” says Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida president of Sony Worldwide Studios has responded to the criticism of not showing the PS4 by saying,  “You’d Get Bored“, and maybe he is right. We have seen some footage, the controller, and been teased a little, leaving the unveiling of the actual PS4 may not be such a bad thing; I hope for his sake it’s going to be worth the wait!

As for the specs, Sony says it’s like a “Supercharged PC” with an x86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU and 8GB GDDR5 RAM. Internal storage options have not yet been announced.

Other apparent features are a suspend mode, so you can pick up games right where you left off, and instant on; You press the power button and there it is in all it’s glory. No waiting, no loading.

My Thoughts – The death of the casual gamer?

It looks pretty good from what we have seen so far, and the new additions to how games will be played is a great thing. But where does this leave the casual gamer? Sharing and online has been emphasised so much, but what if you just want to sit back, chill and play a game for a few hours? Will the games and the machine be too optimised for online and share play? I guess time will tell.

They will have to get the price right. If it’s too expensive then people will just not buy; If it’s too expensive and people want it, they may wait for the price to come down. Is this a big enough leap to get current PS3 owners with their 6 years worth of games (which they can’t play on the new machine) to buy the new PS4? Speculation on the price has been around $430 (U.S.) which I imagine will mean around £400, more speculation is there will be more than 1 model so a “premium” model may come in at £500; Throw in a few games and it’s starting to look expensive!

Microsoft, it’s over to you 🙂


Images: Sony. Visit the Playstation Blog here.

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