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The Most Boring Satuday Night For A Long Time

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Sunday, 19th September, 2010

Heeeey blog!

WOW! What a boring night it was last night….

OK, first i was at a friends house, apparently being called a “house party”. It was quite boring, someone was there who was acting like a 16yr old boy, and turning every comment and discussion into sexual innuendo or sexual connotations; So fucking immature, it’s funny for a minute, but when its with every conversation its immature and sad.

The “no alcohol” thing was funny…Basically it was a house party, and i purposely didnt take any alcohol. I didnt wanna drink lots, i wasnt in the mood, I just wanted a few beers. I think if you are having a party, and you are inviting people to your house you should provide the alcohol. Especially things like beer/lager and things like that. Its just common sense and decency, why would you ask people to come to your house for a “party” if you arent going to give them drinks?  If you want something special e.g. a cocktail or shots then its fair enough to bring you own, or a bottle of wine. Do you go to a dinner party and bring you own food? I dont think so! I may aswell of took a few cans and sat in a bus stop :O Its funny that the idiots think the complete opposite to this, and the way they behave.  I could not have a fridge full of alcohol and not offer it to people, or even expect people to drink it. We are obviously from different world, i am from the nice, decent, giving and thoughtful one, and others are from the “i only look out for myself” one. If you have people in your house in general dont you offer them tea/coffee? Take it from me, if you want a coffee dont go to my friends houses!!!!

Then went to the town, to Bijoux, Empress and The Vault. All were quite boring, The Vault which was supposed to stay open until 3am didnt, which was pretty shit.

Oh, i wore by Barcode T Shirt…It didnt go down as well as i thought…The only people who wanted to scan it were some drunk men… not really what i had in mind! :mrgreen:

The highlight of the night was hearing “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz, that was fun.

I spent so little money i had to give the taxi driver £10 because i didnt have enough change! Thats a first!!

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