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The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book – My Thoughts

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Thursday, 12th November, 2015


A few weeks ago I watched the Microsoft unveiling of their new devices and gadgets, namely the Lumia 950 phone, Microsoft Band, but the one I was interested in watching was the announcement of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I have to say I was quite blown away with their technology, I really like what they are doing, and in recent times they’ve been doing things which one of their main rivals, Apple haven’t been doing; Bringing something brand new, cool and fresh to the table which you’d want to buy.

They’ve made a lot of noise with the Surface Pro 3 and the Surface Pro which is out today, and have always billed them as “The tablet that can replace your laptop”, and they’ve not been wrong judging by the reaction which they’ve got. Everyone seems to love the Surface Pro, especially the pen, and the fact it’s a tablet with real PC power and productivity. That all sounds great, but there’s one thing it can’t do (yet); It’s not the tablet which will replace my tablet.

I am a Windows guy. I love Windows; From getting all nostalgic with Win 95 and 98, XP the best in my opinion, and the latest from 8 to 10, I have enjoyed them all. I do own a MacBook Pro and have used OSX, but I simply don’t like it as much as Windows, that’s by-the-by though, I put it down to personal preference. That’s my power PC. When it comes to tablets and phones, I am on the other side, I love iOS. iOS simply has the ecosystem that nothing else has, the apps are plentiful, they work amazingly and they’re simply great. iOS for a mobile device is what Windows is to a personal computer, that’s the way I look at it. When it comes to personal computers the OSX people have to make sure something works with the OS or find an alternative; All you have to do is read Amazon reviews for the “This did not work with my Mac” responses. It’s the opposite in the mobile world, with iOS having a big head start over Windows and Android, it’s got bigger and better, and in my opinion, for the time at least, iOS is the way to go for tablets and mobiles.

I think that’s where I got the Surface Pro wrong. Since it’s a tablet, I, and probably ‘we’, think of it as a tablet. However we should be thinking of it as a laptop replacement and not a tablet. It shouldn’t be thought of as a replacement for an iPad, rather a replacement for your laptop/desktop, be that an Apple or other PC you have. The fact it’s as small as a tablet and can run the terrible windows apps should be thought of secondary in my opinion. The Surface in a good config setting is simply too good, and too powerful to be compared to any ‘regular’ tablet.

Surface Book

It was a surprise to me when Microsoft announced a Surface book, which is their first laptop. Why? Pretty obvious really, they’re shouting about how their Surface Pro can replace a laptop, then they’re selling a brand new product, which is a laptop! 😀 This, however is a super cool laptop, or ultrabook to put it better. It’s actually three-in-one thanks to it’s special hinge, which let’s you fold the book closed and 180 degrees open, like a clipboard, as well as detaching the screen from the keyboard completely when you want to use it as a tablet. So it’s an ultrabook with an amazing 13.5″ screen which is of course touchscreen too.

I really love the Surface book, it doesn’t have a UK price yet but the U.S. price is quite steep, however, if you’re looking for a powerful machine, it has to be considered.


So do you stay with Apple/other or move on over to Microsoft? My answer is actually easier than I thought; Both. As I have said, I love Windows to use as a ‘proper’ productive machine, but then for a tablet/phone I want something which is more tablet/phone orientated. I think right at this moment in time Apple are doing the best things in mobile devices, but when I want proper productivity the only choice is a device which runs Microsoft.

If I were to go out and buy devices now and wanted a PC, tablet and phone, I would choose an iPhone, iPad (In fact I just got an iPad Mini 2!) and a Surface Pro 4, Surface Book or other Windows based machine. Microsoft are setting the bar with their Surface Book, and if money is no object or you want a power PC, it’s an amazing option.

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