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Sunday, 12th January, 2014

The Magaluf Weekender Series 2 Part 2

The Magaluf Weekender

Call it series 3 or series 2 part 2, either way, The Magaluf Weekender is back! It’s 2014, and it’s the winter, so we need a show to warm us up and want to go on holiday! :mrgreen: It started last week on ITV2, and it’s a show I have watched and loved since the first series. If you have never watched it before, two sets of friends stay at The Lively Hotel in Magaluf, Mallorca for a long weekend, and cameras catch all the action. There are fly-on-the-wall, Big Brother style cameras in the rooms and hotel, and they also get followed when they go out drinking and clubbing. To keep them in order they are looked after by the reps. The reps are Imogen Towley, who was promoted to head rep after Brett Hamilton left, Jordan Davies, Tobi Jasicki who was new from series 2 and the new girl for this series, Ali Crowley. Jaime-Leigh Paley was a rep in series 1-2 but then left at the end of the last series.

It’s becoming my favourite of the reality shows because unlike the others, they is more of a sense of reality, rather than something which is scripted, since the two sets of friends which go are just general members of the public. It’s a similar show to Sun, Sex, And Suspicious Parents, however with the reps you get a better show because of their own back stories.

Jaime Lee Out, New Girl Ali In

It’s on ITV2 at 10PM every Sunday, watch it ๐Ÿ™‚ Who is your favourite?

imogen from the Magaluf Weekender - Bow Selecta!

Imogen Bo(w) selecta! ๐Ÿ˜‰

images – ITV/ITV2 Copyright

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