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“The Hottest Day Of The Year So Far”

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Saturday, 17th May, 2014

me wearing Jack Wills, Cheap Monday, Converse and Ray Bans

Are you enjoying the sunshine? It was on the news that yesterday was “The Hottest Day Of The Year So Far…”. It would not surprise me if it was the hottest period :p And today has been really nice too, the summer is here! Yesterday I wore my yellow Cheap Monday jeans with a Jack Wills top I got quite a while back but have never worn. I really love the colour and it’s a really smooth tee. Ray Ban aviators as standard, along with my purple Converse.

The sunshine is amazing, it’s so good to drive around in it, windows down, tunes blasting! 😀

Today there is football on…It’s the FA Cup final. Why is it a 5pm kick off?…Why not 3pm? This is supposed to be “The greatest cup competition in the world” and they are taking even more tradition out of English football by having it at 5pm. It also clashes with the final game of the Spanish season, Barca vs Atletico, so footy fans can only watch one…I know which I will be watching 🙂



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