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The Great HP Touchpad Race

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Wednesday, 31st August, 2011

Well I heard about the HP Touchpad firesale a while ago, but it was in the US and I didn’t think that it would make its way over here in the UK…It did, but all retailers sold out super quick. It was real blink and you’ll miss it kind of thing.

If you dont know about this I will explain…

HP’s tablet is was called the HP Touchpad, i.e. a rival to the iPad. It was priced more or less the same, with a 16GB model at £400 and 32GB model at around £500. H.P. Then announced a short time after its release in the UK (within a few months) that it would be discontinuing the tablet; Then a short time after that announced that they would be selling it for $90 in the U.S., which translated into only £89 for the UK, and £115 for the more expensive model.

Getting a cool tablet for £89 is such a bargain, I would have got one if I could, and it seems everyone else had the same idea as me.

The thing which has angered most, me included is that the greedy UK retailers are now trying to cash in on it; There is “someone” selling them for £200, which is more than double the RRP set by H.P. on Ebay, many people suspecting this being an undercover retailer; Since this individual seems to have a rather large stock of the tablets for a single person.

Others seems to claim of no stock, but one is offering free HP Tablets through a subsidery if you buy a mobile phone contract. Of course none of this is illegal, but not fair to the consumer, not for the first time.

Of course I have my iPad 2 which I love, and it is far better; But I would love to have one of these at a good price, its a nice alternative to iOS and Apple. Would I pay £400? Nope. But I will pay around £100 for one, as will many people evidently.

I still have a tiny bit of hope. but H.P. say that NO Touchpads will be coming to the UK again, but I assume they have made millions, so will want to sell them off, and I assume they will still have stock of them, its just a matter of the distribution. I think there is still a chance of retailers having/getting stock, its just a matter of how much and when.

I will keep on searching 😉


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