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The Gillette Ad – The Best A Man Can Be – Or Is It?

Tuesday, 15th January, 2019

Gillette The Best A Man Can Be Ad About Toxic Masculinity Causes Outrage

Gillette has created a new ad, a short film which has been causing some controversy, using their famous tagline, The Best A Man Can Get, and changing it up to The Best A Man Can Be. This is their attempt for ‘men to set a good example for the next generation’, but it has not gone down too well with most. In fact, the YouTube video has over 370k dislikes, in comparison to 100k likes at present.

Many people are outraged by the ad, as for some it seems like they are stereotyping all males, that every man is toxic, using backdrops of what’s been happening in the news in recent times, which has not been very positive for the male gender to put it very lightly.

It goes on to depict and talk about bullying, various negative male stereotypes, sexual harassment, and more.

If you have not seen the video yet, you can see this below.

Some people think that this is a good ad, showcasing toxic masculinity. Some think it’s male shaming, with everyone’s favourite Piers Morgan stating he’s sick of this war on masculinity. Other’s have accused the brand of jumping on a trend to sell razors, as their market share has been eaten away by newer brands such as Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. Some have taken a different stance, stating they want their brands to sell them products, not a political voice.

The ad which is on their YouTube channel is facing a huge backlash, with many people stating their will now boycott the brand, throw away their Gillette products, and some have accused them of deleting comments and downvotes, and using bots to increase likes on the video.

The ad has failed badly, as it seems to suggest that ALL men are toxic, and we all need to be better men. This is of course not true, the vast majority of men are gentlemen with good values, and the bad ones, the minority, are being highlighted in this ad.

Many men, the good ones, are not happy at being tarred with the same brush as the bad guys out there.

What do you think of the ad? Let me know.

Gillette say this ad is not about toxic masculinity, Pankaj Bhalla who is Gillette’s North American Brand Director said,

“The ad is not about toxic masculinity. It is about men taking more action every day to set the best example for the next generation,” said Bhalla. “This was intended to simply say that the enemy for all of us is inaction.” [quote from CNN]

Gillette is a huge brand with a large male demographic, and could have used it’s position to speak up for good men, and show good male role models, which is what should be seen in times where people talk about toxic masculinity.

In fact, in the past it has done some very good campaigns, including it’s 2017 Father’s Day campaign. I was sent this from their PR team 2 years ago, their campaign “Go Ask Dad” which was all about encouraging young boys to talk to their father more, rather than relying on technology.

You can see this positive ad here.

This is a far more positive ad which highlights real life in the wake of the Internet and social media, and how a father and son can connect.

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  1. Jerome Said,

    In a way I like this ad but at the same time I dislike it.
    I like it because it shows real issues like bullying, violence….and yes often men are behind this.
    I hate it because in a way it looks like all the men are the same and that’s far from true.
    I am a proud daddy of 4 young children, and I educate them in the way that VIOLENCE is NEVER the answer and it shouldn’t be tolerated.
    In secondary school a lot of young girls are becoming more and more violent does it means that every young girls are the same? Of course not.

    But please whatever you do..don’t mention anymore Piers Morgan!!!

    posted on Wednesday 16th January, 2019 at 7:13
  2. Michael Said,

    Hi Jerome, Thanks for your comments, I understand what you are saying. I’ll not mention Piers again haha! 😀

    posted on Wednesday 16th January, 2019 at 10:24