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Sunday, 12th May, 2019

The Festival Film Review

A film I’ve wanted to watch for a while is The Festival. I’ve had it in my Amazon wish list, and was going to buy it, but lucky for me, it’s been put on Amazon Prime, so I decided to watch it.

The trailers for the film looked good. As the title suggests, the setting for the film is at a music festival. It stars Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners and is directed by Iain Morris, who was also involved with that show. I liked The Inbetweeners, the trailers looked good, so I thought this was going to be a good watch.

I’ve never been to a festival, and after watching this film, I’m so glad about that….

The film is kind of the same type of style as The Inbetweeners film. Nick (Joe Thomas) graduates from Uni, where he breaks up with his girlfriend. He was going with his friend Shane to a festival, in which he bought the tickets from one of his now ex-girlfriend Caitlin’s posh friends, Rex. After the breakup and graduation Nick goes back home where he spends the time depressed and locked in his room. His friend Shane convinces him to go to the festival, and they go on the train where they meet another festival goer called Amy.

She’s a festival veteran and has been going for 9 years, but goes on her own. They all get thrown off the train for having child tickets, and make their way to the festival on foot. They end up finding Caitlin and her friends, who invite Nick and Shane to camp in their luxury tent spot. A guy called Pirate then turns up, who works at the festival and is old friends with Rex. He then becomes the love interest of Caitlin, Nick inadvertently catches them in the act, and is thrown out of their tent area.

The film then goes from there, with Nick and Shane having to find a new camp spot, where they find Amy and camp next to her. Shane is into Amy, and Nick then comes across a smurf, who he helps hide from security, and they have crazy night together. After that, he decides that she’s amazing, and tries to track her down. At the same time Shane is spending time with Amy, and they stumble across druids who are having a ceremony, one of them happens to be the manager of Hammerhead, Shane’s hero DJ. Nick fails in tracking down smurfgirl, and he gets himself and Shane arrested and kicked out the festival.

They then go back and Amy helps them sneak in, they managed to see Hammerhead who then has an allergic reaction thanks to eating something Amy gave him, and Shane has to save the day, by Djing himself.

What did I think of the film and festivals in general? I wasn’t really into it. I have to say, I’ve never been to a festival, and after watching this film I’d never want to! It looks so grim, it’s portrayed as a piss and mud filled miserable place, where the only people having fun are the people on drugs. That’s a pretty good stereotype, but you’d guess that there was more to it. It doesn’t seem so, it’s basically huge fields filled with pretentious or drug filled people, you have to camp in crappy fields, and whatever artists you like, you’ll be standing there with tens of thousands of people who are off their nut and probably don’t like the artist, and are there for “the festival experience”. And this is not just one day or night, it’s for 3 days!??!

I read that parts of the film were actual scenes from Leeds festival in 2017. So this is supposed to have an authentic edge to it.

If you like festivals then that’s cool, but after watching this, I know I don’t.

As for the film itself, I thought it was fairly poor, the best I could call it would be decent. The main storyline of the film is fairly thin, and the character Joe Thomas plays is too close to Simon from The Inbetweeners, but nowhere near as good. Instead of obsessing about Carly Demarto or Lucy, it’s his Ex Caitlin, or then the Smurfgirl. The obsession with whatever girl in the film is really narcissistic, which it’s supposed to be as that’s the character in the film, but it’s not a likeable thing. Simon from the Inbetweeners has that “lovable feel-sorry for him” kind of thing, whereas Nick in this film, doesn’t. The other main characters, Caitlin, her friends and Pirate are all terrible to watch, and not likeable either, and have no humour.

There’s hardly any laughs at all, and the characters are all really, really terrible. The only character who is likeable is Shane, who’s a bit of a dopey lad but is a good guy and loyal friend, and kind of ends up being the star of the show.

So yeah, it’s fair to say that I didn’t really enjoy the film. It was watchable, just about, but I’m glad I didn’t buy the blu ray.

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