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The Biggest Premier League Football Teams According To Social Media

Thursday, 19th February, 2015

Premier League Social Media League Table

We all know who the best teams are in the league, we have an actual league system for that very thing. But what about popularity? How can you measure that? Crowd attendance could be one measure, but lots of people can’t go to games, but stadiums can only hold a certain number of people and many sell out week in, week out. What about social media following? This is a good measure because these days lots of people are on things like Facebook and Twitter, and fans love to follow their teams and keep on the pulse of what’s going on at their club. Not only that, social media is worldwide, so it can really show you what teams in the Premier League are really popular in the world, and the world of social media.

I was curious about this, so I got to work on making a list and finding out the followings of all the English Premier League football clubs, and their following. I decided that I would use the two biggest social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, and get a total for each team’s following, and the total of fans and followers combined.

The criteria is simple; How many people are following the official profiles of each club. It does not take into consideration fansites or fan run accounts, nor does it take into consideration language/location specific accounts (e.g. Man Utd have several official accounts for different territories, only their official English account is used in this).

As you would expect the top 5 accounts are Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City. The teams which have done the best, or had the most history in football. It shows that Chelsea and Arsenal both have more Twitter followers than Man Utd, but Man Utd’s strength in their Facebook numbers take them to the top of the league. I did find some surprising results. My team, Newcastle came in 9th, behind Everton and Aston Villa which I did not expect. Swansea and Hull both top 1 million followers, with Sunderland behind them with over 900k. Burnley are set adrift at the bottom with only 249k combine number of followers, around half that of 19th placed team Leicester City, with West Brom 3rd bottom on 650k followers.

All clubs combined pull in over 220 million followers, almost 200m of them from Facebook.

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