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The Beautiful New Gold MacBook And Why I Won’t Buy One

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Thursday, 19th March, 2015

New Gold Macbook For 2015

Apple have launched a couple of products in the recent times, first up was the Apple Watch which we were all expecting, but then at the same event they launched a new laptop, their new MacBook. At first glance I have to admit I think it looks really nice, a thing of beauty. It’s gone down really well in the fashion blog scene, with lots of people sharing the love for the next Apple product, but is it all it seems? Let’s see what it’s all about.

All About The New Gold MacBook For 2015

The MacBook has been around before…It was the base in the line up for the laptop range; There was the Macbook and the MacBook Pro. Then the Air was released, and as time went on the Pro became dominant, various models, specs and configs of the pro were released, and the MacBook was no more, leaving only the Air and pro in the Apple Laptop line-up. The MacBook is now back! It’s a super lightweight, thin, 12 inch, retina display laptop with a brand new force sensitive trackpad and new keyboard. It has not traditional USB ports, and comes with only one port, a brand new type, USB-C port which is used for the power adapter/charging. It has a modest CPU; Intel Core M processor with 1.1GHZ or 1.2GHZ depending on spec, which have turbo boost of 2.4 and 2.6GHZ respectively. The graphics comes in the form of Intel HD Graphics 5300. Storage comes in sizes of 256 and 512GB, depending on the model you go for, both models come with 8GB of RAM.

Like the new phones and newer iPads, it comes in three colours; Space grey, silver and gold. Of course the most eye catching and in my opinion most beautiful is the gold. The price for owning a gold MacBook is £1049 or £1299.

Why I Won’t Be Tempted To Get A Gold MacBook

I have to admit when I saw the gold MacBook I thought I want one of those. When other people see them they may think the same, but I am a computer geek type of a guy, and I like good tech. This, sadly, is not very great in terms of specification. Here’s why I won’t be getting the new MacBook.

USB-C and Only 1 Port

When Apple brought out the MacBook Air it had no optical drive and the world went mad; They said it was the wrong move. Optical media has been slowly dying out since, and it was possibly a good move to get a laptop have a smaller form factor. However I feel the USB-C port (and only 1 of them) is a different story. USB is still used a hell of a lot, USB hard drives, thumb drives, optical drives, mice/keyboards, external displays, printers…The list goes on and on. Not only that, there’s only one port, which means you can’t run it off power and then use the USB-C port for something else, as there’s only one port.

Apple have found the solution to this by selling you a 3 port adapter for £65. I really despise this kind of thing; You’re buying this laptop for it’s portability, but then you may have to carry a dongle around then have it hanging out your shiny new laptop to connect things.

Possibly underpowered

It comes with an Intel M mobile CPU in either 1.1 or 1.2GHZ configurations; This is really slow by today’s standards, and sure it has a turbo boost, but will this effect performance. This is a mobile chip, not a typical PC (computer) chip, so it will not be as powerful as many of it’s counterparts. That combined with not such a good graphics card will mean the machine may be underpowered, we’ll have to see how the machine stacks up in some real life tests.


I think with it’s good looks and option in gold, this will sell, and it will sell big, especially the lower end model. The question is, will the underpowered machine be it’s downfall? Many of the general consumers that switched only experienced a lower powered PC or laptop, switched to a premium Apple computer and found their obvious better performance to their liking, albeit at a much higher price. With the new MacBook they are getting the premium design with the premium price, but will the performance match? It’s more of a tablet running OSX, rather than a full blown laptop. The only thing it’s missing is a touchscreen…

The Competition – Microsoft Surface Pro 3

But hold on a second…Don’t we already have something similar? The Microsoft Surface 3 has gained a lot of fans and following, and it’s becoming really popular with it’s “The tablet that can replace your laptop” slogan. The Surface Pro 3 is similarly 12″, light, similar price, but packs more of a punch in CPU with an array of options in power. It has a touchscreen and is a true tablet and PC hybrid, running full Windows 8.1 Pro with a detachable keyboard. Let’s not forget that the Surface Pro 3 is also 9 months old, a lifetime in the tech world.

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