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Friday, 19th May, 2017

That IKEA Trend – The Frakta Bag Turns Iconic!

Streetwear IKEA Frakta Bag Into T-Shirt Trend

Happy Friday!

If you haven’t been following the fashion world in the past few weeks you may be wondering why am I wearing an IKEA T-Shirt…Surely that can’t be trendy or fashionable right? Well if you do follow high end fashion or street wear then you may already know about this…Basically Balenciaga released a bag, an £1100 bag which is the same colour blue as the Frakta shopping bags you can get from IKEA, and a very similar looking style. Social media being what it is, everyone has had a good old laugh at this, and some brands and artists have been mocking up “IKEA inspired” street wear and versions of all their products.

I’ve seen some IKEA Yeezy trainers, hats, some watches and even a thong. Since I design I could not pass up this opportunity by, so for my outfit of the week I created this, the Michael 84 x IKEA Frakta T-shirt! 😀 It comes in blue (obviously) and has the repeat pattern as you’d find on the straps of the bags. It’s not as sturdy as an original Frakta bag, however it’s a slightly better fit. I think it’s going to be the biggest trend of the Summer! 😀

Even IKEA has gone in on the joke, posting this online…

The Genuine IKEA Frakta Bag

This obviously pokes fun at the designer bag which looks like it, and the endless counterfeits which live in the exclusive bag marketplace. If you get an IKEA bag, make sure it’s genuine! 😀

It’s all been quite fun in an industry which can sometimes take itself a bit too seriously. What do you think of this trend?

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