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Team GB Football Shirt – I GOT IT!

Saturday, 12th November, 2011

As mentioned before, I have wanted to get the Team GB Football shirt for the Olympic games 2012 next year. Today I went out and bought it 🙂

It looks and feels much better than a picture, it seems to be slim fitting, which is really good. I think you have to see it in real life to apreciate the detailing on the shirt, but it is really good 🙂


I paid £40 for this in Newcastle; It seems to be £45+ most places online, lots of places are charging different amounts so I would advise you shop around 😉


If you did not already know, this is NOT the football shirt which the players will be wearing, rather a “commemorative shirt” for the olympics. You can see the official home shirt which the players will be wearing here

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