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Tango Shower Gels

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Wednesday, 30th October, 2013


“You’ve Been Tango’d”. A phrase you will be all too familiar with if you’re like me and grew up in the 90s, what an amazing decade it was! Tango was synonymous with fizzy orange, but one of my all time favourite drinks as a kid was Apple Tango. I loved the stuff, I remember drinking can after can, and getting the bigger (500ml?) bottles and drinking so many of them. They were black in colour so you could not see the contents, which was actually a good thing in my later teens, when I could fill a 2L bottle with alcohol 😉

This year they launched some invigorating shower gels, and do my favourite flavour, Apple, as well as Cherry, Orange and Lemon. The scent from these is amazing, the Apple and Cherry smell so good! 😀

If you want to relive your 90s childhood in the form of shower gel these are available and only £1 each for a 500ml bottle. Pretty good value if nothing else.


Amazing! :mrgreen:

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