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Super Mario Mushroom T Shirts

Tuesday, 4th October, 2011

I saw these t-shirts and thought they were really cool. I think that geek fashion in general is a cool thing, it is not serious, and the best ones usually do make an impact.

I like the retro style t-shirts too, everyone loves retro things which take them back to their childhood, and these tees are no different.

They are recognisable, just like a brand the logo on these shirts mean something and are recognised.


The first is a red grow up t-shirt. Obviously with a red mushroom.


And second is the green t shirt, Get A Life.

The messages relate to the design, if you like Mario or played it as a kid you will know all about the green and red mushrooms, and these t-shirts will make a lot of sense. If not then I am sure just the mushrooms will look familiar, as they are an iconic part of Mario.

The t shirts themselves are printed on super soft cotton, they’re a nice style to wear

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  1. Benny Said,

    This is soooooo cool! I love Mario and the mushroom, they are classics in gaming history.

    posted on Tuesday 4th October, 2011 at 18:52
  2. Michael Said,

    thanks man 🙂

    posted on Tuesday 4th October, 2011 at 19:25