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Sunday 11th May 2014

Sunday, 11th May, 2014

Conchita wins Eurovision

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I am really tired today, I was up till 4am or so still loving Eurovision, did you watch it? I obviously did, and thought it was really good this year, one of the best I have seen and maybe best ever. If you did not see it Conchita won for Austria, aka The Bearded Lady. If you have not seen her before, Google her, or she’s the one in the top right in the pic :p

There were a lot of good songs, classic Eurovision novelty as well as the classic Eurovision ballads which you need. I liked a lot of songs, particularly Sweden and Poland, but there were many others too. Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain and did a good job, Molly from the UK did not do as well as expected, but better than recent years. In the UK voting, Poland were actually the most popular and came first, however the jury scored them last, which put them at an average of 11th and scored no points from the UK.

Today is football day, it’s the final day of the season in the Premier League, and it’s (just about) come down to the last day of the season. The big games are Man City vs West Ham and Liverpool vs Newcastle. Man City will win the league with a draw, however if they lose and Liverpool win, Liverpool win the league! It could go either way, it’s going to be really exciting or Man City will have it sewed up after 30 minutes.

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