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Spain 2013 Home Shirt For Confederations Cup

Saturday, 10th November, 2012

images via RFEF

Yesterday the RFEF announced and unveiled the new Spain shirt which Iniesta and co. will be wearing next summer in Brazil at the Confederations Cup 2013.

The shirt design has history behind it, and sports a yellow V design which is very prominent to the front of the shirt. The World Cup Winners badge returns, which was also present on the 2011 shirts which were worn in friendlies and Euro 2012 qualifiers.

What do you think?

I am actually not a fan of this shirt, in fact my first impression is that I don’t like it at all. I really don’t like the yellow V, but maybe I just need to adjust and get used to it.

This is the second time Spain have entered the Confederations Cup, and they also released a new shirt for it the last time in 2009, which I have.

I think this one was an OK design, and I got used to it. But I like the plain red shirts which they have had, with little detailing here and there like the 2010, 2011 and 2012 shirts.

No away shirt or GK shirts have been announced yet, so I am unsure as of yet if or when they will come. At the official presentation only the home shirt was announced, with images of the yellow (current) goalkeeper shirt.

The new Spain 2013 home shirt will be available in stores from next week, and since I am a fan I will be getting it, so keep an eye on the blog for it 😉

Afición, Historia, Emoción….Love, History and Emotion

Here is the official unveiling and presentation of the shirts which are, as usual, made by Adidas.


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  1. Teve Said,

    I have been trying to find the 2009 Confederation Cup Spain Track Jacket (Adidas). It’s very simple looking, black with white Adidas stripes. The chest logo is the Spain Football Federation logo instead of the Spain National Team shield. Would you happen to know where I could possibly find this one?

    posted on Saturday 5th October, 2013 at 18:38
  2. Michael Said,


    Adidas released a few track style jackets in 2013 for Spain; There is a one with a yellow V style printed to the front centre, There is a one with a vertical yellow stripe, one with a horazontal yellow stripe and there is one with a thick blue horazontal stripe with a yellow stripe within that. However all of these jackets have the coat of arms and not the RFEF logo you’re talking about.

    Spain rarely release clothing with the RFEF badge as the main logo. To my knowledge they have never had a black jacket, certainly not in recent times. Red, Blue, or White are the usual colours Spain use, and golden yellow in 2008.



    posted on Saturday 5th October, 2013 at 20:25