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Spain 2012 – Jacket, Polo Shirt, Captain’s Armband & Gloves

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Friday, 20th January, 2012

I can finally post up my Spain 2012 things! Yeah, more things 😛 If you read my blog you will know I already have the Spain home shirt, the techfit home shirt, and both the Spain goalkeeper shirts, and now I can post the other things I have.

There was a delay in me posting them because the jacket I originally ordered was a ladies! :mrgreen: I order these from Spain, and there was no indication that this was the women’s version, so I had no idea until it came. I had to contact the company (in Spanish) and organise a return, then returned the jacket and bought the correct mens version.

So, here are the cool things which I got…

The official Spain polo shirt. I love this, and it is smart too, I will wear this, but probably not too much.


Official Spain and Adidas gloves. I wore these the other day, they are nice for the winter, but I probably won’t wear these too much.

Spain captain’s armband. This is just for the memorabilia, I doubt I will wear it, or maybe I will with my Spain Goalkeeper shirts, just like Iker 😉 You may remember I have the same armband but a Real Madrid one here.

Finally my lovely, lovely jacket. I love this, and it was worth the wait. It actually cost me a LOT, because I basically had to pay the postage twice, so that was actually around €90. I do love it though, and I imagine I will wear it a fair bit for a long time, so it will be worth it. This jacket actually has a more polyester and waterproof feel to it, other than the womans version which I originally received, I think I actually liked that one better, but I couldn’t wear it, it’s for girls 😉


España printing on the back.


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  1. Jorge Pavon Said,

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing the 2012 Adidas Spain techfit home shirt. Exactly like the one you have pictured above. Looking for a size small. Please let me know, must have one! Thank you.

    posted on Monday 24th June, 2013 at 4:53
  2. Michael Said,

    This is not a store, it’s a blog 🙂 Try searching Google, although this is an old shirt now.

    posted on Monday 24th June, 2013 at 20:10
  3. mikhael chowdhury Said,

    Hi I love that polo shirt where in spain did yu buy it?? Im on HolidY in Madrid now would love to be able to get one of them

    posted on Tuesday 13th August, 2013 at 3:56