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Sommeren ’92 – Film About Denmark’s Glory In Euro 92

Sunday, 21st January, 2018

Somerren 92 - The Story Of Euro 92 and Denmark's triumph!

I heard about a film called Sommeren ’92 which translates from Danish to English to Summer of ’92. If you’re not a football fan or not Danish, you may not remember the Summer of 92, but Denmark definitely does.

I am a huge football fan, and the 90’s was an epic decade for football, and I was also a kid. Being English and living in England (but as you know I support Spain) there’s a couple of things which English people remember and talk about when thinking or talking about football back then – Italia 90, specifically that game against Germany which England lost on penalties, and Gazza’s tears, and then when football came home, Euro 96.

I was a bit young for the World Cup in 1990, there was no hype about Euro 92 in England because of the team’s poor performance, and England didn’t even qualify for the World Cup in 1994, so Euro 96 was my ‘first big Summer tournament’ and I will always remember it.

As I said, England did woeful in Euro 92, they did not win a game and only scored 1 goal, coincidentally they were in the group with Denmark (Which I didn’t even know until watching this film). It’s not a wonder why nobody in this country has ever talked about it. So all I really knew about Euro 92 was that Denmark qualified because of what was going on in Yugoslavia at the time, they won it, and John Jensen scored a goal.

The film documents Denmark and it’s journey to the Euro 92 finals, coming on the back of the glory days of the 80’s under coach Sepp Piontek, who resigned in 1990, where he was replaced by Richard Møller Nielsen. He was not the DBU (Denmark’s FA) first choice, and they initially did not want him at all, but after not finding anyone suitable, gave him the job after letting him go. He played a style of football which wasn’t liked by the fans or players, defensive and not exciting, and had run-ins with some players, the highest profile being Michael and Brian Laudrup, who were regarded as Denmark’s best players. The brothers opted not to play for Denmark early on in qualifying, and Møller Nielsen also notably dropped Jan Mølby.

Denmark initially failed to qualify for the European Championships, finishing 2nd in qualifying to Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia were thrown out of the championships because of sanctions, so Denmark got to go to Sweden in their place, who were hosting the tournament.  The film then goes from there, through all of the games and the players lives through the championships. The film also takes you through some of the personal journey’s of the players, such as Kim Vilfort, who’s daughter was battling leukaemia, John Jensen being terrible at finishing, with both players playing a huge part in the final which Denmark won.

It’s such a brilliant and emotional film, if you have a chance to watch it you should. You don’t need to like football or remember the 90’s, but it probably helps if you do.

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