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Pocket Sqares & Ties From ASOS

Saturday, 22nd March, 2014

ASOS pocket squares

Over the past few months I have much preferred to wear a slightly smarter look when going out. It has it’s place, but I am finding that as the years roll on I am becoming more conscience of dressing up without over-dressing. Wearing a more dressed jacket than a casual one, or combining it with a shirt, not necessarily hugely formal, but a lot more than a graphic t-shirt and pair of jeans. The easy way to add an extra formal dimension is to add a tie into the equation, and to smarten up a jacket further, a pocket square. I really like smart-casual looks, with a slight lean towards smart in terms of the clothing worn, but with a street style casual twist.

This type of dressing has usually been consigned to the older generation, but it’s finding younger and younger demographic, as guys go for dressing smarter and slightly more refined.

I have got a couple of pocket squares from ASOS. I already have some plain ones, and wanted something a little more colourful. These gingham pocket squares are great because they can still carry a slight street style form of fashion mixed up with a more smart formal look. I got some ties to beef up my collection, including some polka dot style ties, which I do really love, again something smart with a slight casual twist.

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