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Sisters (The Movie) For Film Night

Sunday, 23rd April, 2017

Sisters Film Review

What a good film this is!

I can’t remember why I bought Sisters, but I did, and I am glad that I did because it’s great! The last film I wrote about was Bad Neighbours 2 and I kind of knew what to expect from it, but this one I didn’t really know too much about, so looked forward to watching it.

I think when I got this film I think I thought it was something else. It is a comedy which stars Tina Fey as Kate and Amy Poehler as Maura, her sister. The film basically centres around the two girls, and their parents moving to a retirement complex, which means they’re selling the family home which they grew up in. They aren’t happy about it, and go to the house to get some of their old things.  Both the girls have their own grown up problems, Maura is a recently divorced nurse, and Kate is irresponsible and living in her friends house, and has a daughter. When they both get to the house they discover that the house is already sold, with the people who’ve agreed to buy the house turn up. They decide to throw a party and invite all their old school friends (except one), and Kate, who was always irresponsible has to be the “party mom” for the night which means no drinking, while Kate is there to party. And I won’t ruin the rest of the film! 😉

I have to say it has some really funny laugh out loud moments, and it was a nice film which was really easy to watch. It started out a bit slow, but once it got going it was really good. The majority of the film is at the party, you have older people partying like they’re young again which seems to work really well.

You should watch this film!

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